Tuesday, April 30, 2013

16 Months- 4/30/13

Weight/Length- Based on what you measured at your 15 months checkup a couple weeks ago I'm going to say you are probably around 28 pounds and just over 31 inches.

Eating- Still a good eater but not eating as much as in the past, which is part of why the weight gain has slowed down. Fruit is still your favorite and we have yet to find a fruit you won't eat. You also still like all meat and some fish though some days you don't seem as interested. Veggies are your least favorite but you seem to still like corn, peas, avocados and asparagus.

Sleep- This has been better this month, some nights you may still wake up briefly once but just need me to tuck you back in and you're fine, most nights you sleep without any wakeups. Bedtime is still around 7:45pm and you wake up most days between 6:30-7am. You've also started waking up happier...meaning not waking up crying but rather just babbling away in your crib for a few minutes. You only nap once a day for 1 1/2 hours at daycare and usually for 2-3 hours on the weekends at home.

Clothes- 18 months and 24 months. Shoe size is 5 in most shoes but you have one pair of size 6 that fit. 
Diapers- Size 4 daytime and Size 5 overnight but you've been leaking through those lately so I've been cutting back on how much milk you get before bed.

Appearance- Your hair is still light and getting thick again, the curls in the back are starting to come back now that your hair is longer. Eyes are greenish/blue. 

Personality- You are still a very active, rambunctious little boy that loves to be outside and play with sticks and trucks. You are starting to show your daredevil side and giving mommy mini-heart attacks. Despite this you are still incredibly sweet and loving. You love to give hugs and will almost always give me one on command, same goes for kisses. You love to snuggle with daddy and grandma when she comes to visit. You are a funny kid and now you will do things to try and make us laugh (and typically succeed). You are pretty well behaved and listen most of the time but of course you do have tantrums when you don't get your way. Typically I will just stand there and let you have your "fit" and after a few seconds you are done and back to your happy self.

-Playing outside with your buddy Zachary, specifically playing with his toys.
-The park and playing in the woods.
-Sitting in my lap while we read books or do flashcards or play with blocks.
-Playing out on the deck while daddy grilles.
- Drinking out of mommy's Gatorade bottle.
-Cut 4 more teeth for a total of 16!
-Officially moved to the toddler room at daycare and LOVE it!
-Totally weaned off of bottles, only use sippys or regular cups to drink.
-Figured out how to drink with a straw.
-Cut back on use of paci, limited to naps, bedtime and while out running errands. We've really cut down on using them during the day at home and not at all during daycare and you don't seem to mind much.
-Went to the "big kid" park.
-Will now walk (holding mommy's hand) out to the car and into daycare rather than be carried.
-Can identify most body features when asked including: ear (your favorite), hair (you will make the brushing motion), toes, belly button, nose and eyes.
-Can brush your own hair and mommy's hair.
-Will bring most items to me when asked and will also return the item to where you found it when asked.
-Can throw something away in the trashcan when asked.
-Will bring me your shoes and jacket if you want to go outside.
-Can help take your shirt and pants and socks off.
-You will now climb and sit in mommy and daddy's lap if we're on the floor.
-You can now climb on top of and stand up on the coffee table.
-You can now say - Mama, Dada, Uh-Oh (your favorite word), Ca-Ti (kitty), Doggie, Ear, Hi  

Good morning!

Ready for Summer!

Showing off his new trick of climbing on the coffee table.

Cool Dude.

Who has time to put on jammies when there are toys to play with?

Staring contest

Saturday morning scene.

Goof ball.

Still loves that little broom.

Future Frat Boy!!

He sat down when asked but wouldn't smile. Must pick your battles with toddlers.


Stephanie said...

The picture of him and Moxie kill me.
Connor has been leaking at night too so I went up a size in diapers and it still happened so I bought night time diapers and it hasn't happened since. I was told leaking is common with boys.

Shannon said...

Love the monthly update! Glad he's doing so well in his new toddler room! Also, love his "ready for summer" outfit. Makes me look forward to buying some clothes for Squish!

Courtney B said...

Oh these pictures are PRECIOUS! I love him! I can't believe how big he has gotten! Mia will be here before I know it!

Kristen said...

It's so crazy he looks like a little boy in some photos and a baby in others!

Fiona said...

He sounds so similar to Lids in many things right now. She has just started walking over to crawl into our laps if we are on the floor. So sweet! :) He is one handsome little boy!! Just love seeing all the photos of him. He has such adorable outfits too!