Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Weekend- Paying Repsect and Family Time

This past weekend was a mixed bag of emotions. As I mentioned last week, I had to drive about 3 1/2 hours up to PA and back on Saturday for my best friends mom's memorial service. I was on the road by 7am and didn't get back until 6:30pm. It was a long and emotional day but I'm very glad I went and could support my friend who is having a tough time now that she's lost her best friend. Her parents were married for 42 years and hearing about their love during the service was really inspiring. I can only hope and pray that my marriage can stand the test of time in the same way.

Because I was going to be gone all day and because Kristian isn't used to having to watch Hunter for 12 hours by himself my mom offered to come down and help out. She came down Friday night and left after I got home Saturday night. Hunter really loves spending time with his grandma and showing her his new tricks. Watching them together is one of my favorite things.

Since I only got to spend about an hour with Hunter on Saturday before he went to bed I really wanted to make Sunday a family day. We got up and the three of us headed to Panera for breakfast. Hunter was very well behaved and quite enjoyed his quiche.
After breakfast we did a little grocery shopping. Am I the only one who ends up spending way more when I take my husband shopping with me? Never fails.
Hunter decided that he was going to start climbing all the living room furniture this weekend, including the coffee table which he would climb on top of and then crawl around on. Because that's you know, safe.

He also started climbing up and over the side of the massage chair but I didn't get any photos of that. My little monkey boy.
Since the weather was pretty perfect I took him on a long walk and then for some playtime at the park. He got to test out the new sunglasses we bought him at the grocery store (one of the MANY impulse buys I credit my husband with). He surprisingly didn't seemed bothered by them.

When we got back we had some more playtime. Whenever I'm sitting on the floor nowadays Hunter likes to come over and plop in my lap with a book or toy and just sit there. I basically love it.

Our good friend Bryan came over with his two kids to grille out for dinner. Even though his kids are 9 and 7 they love to play with Hunters toys. It's good to know that these toys will still be entertaining even when he's older. This is what my living room looked like (and it wasn't all because of Hunter). But it was fun having them over and Hunter just loves playing with "big kids".

After a fairly emotional Saturday and having to go to a memorial service hearing the news yesterday on the attack on Boston brought on a lot of emotion. I hate that my son is having to grow up in a world where we now fear simple things like going to a movie theater or going to school or even running a marathon. I just want to lock him up and never let him out of my sight. It's not fair and my heart hurts for all those affected.


Nicole-Lynn said...

Panera breakfast is the best :) I love their asiago bagels! Yum! Sounded like a nice weekend!

Kristen Lawlor said...

I think about that so much with Smith and fearing for the world he's coming into. Just breaks my heart.

Meagan said...

Such a scary time.

Fiona said...

Glad you got to have that time together after a tough Saturday. Adorable photos!! Lids has started crawling into my lap whenever I sit on the floor with her too. Love the cuddles!! :)