Saturday, March 30, 2013

15 Months- 3/30/13

Weight/Length- I will find out officially at your next well check on the 11th but I'm guessing around 28 pounds and 31 1/2 inches. Since you're so active now you don't seem to be putting on weight as quickly as before.

Eating- Still a great eater though you are getting pickier with foods, especially veggies. You really won't eat many for me but your teachers tell me you eat them all at daycare so hopefully you're getting plenty during the week. Your favorite right now seems to be blueberries, you would eat an entire carton if I would let you. Also, if anyone is eating anything in front of you, you will pitch a fit until you get some as well. We've also discovered like you like sucking on limes. Silly boy.

Sleep- This hasn't been so great lately. You are back to waking up multiple times a night. Fortunately, I usually just have to give your your paci and tuck you back in and you fall asleep immediately but some nights you wake up every few hours doing this. This past week you've also been waking up at 6am or earlier which is no fun. With all the activity you get during the day I would think you would sleep great but not so much. You're pretty much down to one nap a day, except sometimes on the weekend when I can still get a second nap out of you.

Clothes- Mainly 18 months. I've bought some 24 months summer outfits and hopefully those will last you through September at least.
Diapers- Size 4 during the day and Size 5 Pampers overnights for bedtime. You had started soaking through all your nighttime diapers but the Size 5's are really helping with that.

Appearance- Your hair seems to be getting even lighter. I can't wait to see how blond it gets this summer. Still not sure how I got a little blond baby. Eyes seem to be turning more greenish daily. Daddy said last night our eye colors almost match now. This makes me SO happy since my eye color was the one trait I really wanted to pass on to you. Overall you still look the most like your grandpa.

Personality- You are ALL boy, you love to crash your truck and bang things and make noise and run and climb and get into dirt. You want to play ALL THE TIME and never seem to slow down. You definitely have some stranger danger and get upset around people you don't know well. You also now get very upset whenever someone (especially daddy) leaves the room and have gotten upset a few times when I drop you off at daycare. You get a kick out of making me and daddy laugh. You are also very smart, once you do something once you will do it all the time. Despite a few tantrums you really are such a fun little kid to be around.  

-Being outside, especially walking in the woods with daddy
-Pushing your firetruck up and down the sidewalk. You throw a fit when we bring you inside.
-The smoke detector. You are obsessed with pointing to it and having daddy hold you up to touch it.
-Your Brown Bear and Goodnight Moon books, we read them every night. I try to read other books but you always want these two.
-Having mommy "chase" you. You will run and keep looking back to make sure I'm still chasing you then you fall down and laugh.
-Giving hugs. You will randomly stop what you are doing and run over to give me a hug.
-Chasing after the dog and cat and trying to "pet" them. Though it's more of a smack.
-The toy broom grandma got you, you LOVE it.

-You have all four of your one year molars.

-You are following directions better, if I tell you to do something or pick up something you almost always do.
-If I say "let's go to your room" you know which room to go into.
-You know how to take your brush and brush your own hair and even mommy's hair with it.
-You can put your hat on by yourself.
-You've started blowing kisses and making the "mah" sound when you do it.
-You will wave goodbye on a more regular basis.
-You've started napping on the toddler cots at daycare instead of the crib.
-You can now say a combination of Kitty and Cat. Sometimes it's "It-E" and sometimes it's "Ca-E". But you say it whenever you see Halpert or the Purple cat in the Brown Bear book.
-You've also said "Ma-E" a few times for Moxie.
-You actually sit still and relax while I read you your bedtime books. You used to be very squirmy.
-You put your hand to your mouth and make the "Indian call" noise (I know that's not PC but can't think of how else to describe it)
-You love to spin around in circles until you get dizzy and fall down, and then laugh about it.
-You met your cousins Katilin and Alexis at your Uncle Michael's 40th birthday party for the first time.

 Pictures from this past month
15 Months Old!
*Trying to get a picture of you sitting still is increasingly difficult*

Sheer excitment when you got your toy broom from grandma.

You LOVE going to the park.

Unimpressed by St. Patrick's Day. But you had your broom which made it better.

We discovered that you love sucking on limes. Strange little boy you are.

After getting home from daycare one night.

You LOVE riding your firetruck outside on the sidewalk and cry whenever we bring you inside.

Such a Big Boy!

I love to just sit and watch you "read" your books. You look so intent.

This picture gives me a glimpse into what my future 16 year old son will look like. I just envision you saying "I'm taking the car, be back later".

Your first real hike in the woods with daddy. You found a big walking stick and were in heaven.

100% Boy. Loves sticks and dirt.

"No more pictures mom!"

The two loves of my life. Nothing is better than this.



Brittany said...

He has grown sooo much!

Laura said...

Omg that last picture tugs at my heart strings!

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Happy 15 months to your little cutie!

Fiona said...

These photos are all just beautiful. He is one handsome little boy! I love all of his outfits!! Sounds like he is doing great and turning into such a little boy! :)