Friday, April 12, 2013

15 Month Stats (two weeks late)

I was late making Hunter's 15 month well check appointment so we weren't able to get in until yesterday (he's almost 15 1/2 months old now). He did fine in the waiting room but once we were back in the room with the nurse he basically freaked out. I had to hold him for most of the exam by both the nurse and the doctor. I'm not sure if it was just "stranger danger" or he is now starting to remember being there and having shots. Despite the crying the doctor said he seems to be perfectly healthy and developing right on track which is great news. He had to get three shots (poor baby) but as soon as it was over I picked him up and gave him an animal cracker and all was right in the world again.

Someone does NOT enjoy the doctors office.
Official 15 months stats:
Weight- 27.75lbs (88th percentile)
He's gained just over a pound since his 12 month visit. I actually thought he weighed more. Now that he's so active he's not gaining weight as quickly.
Height- 31 inches (54th percentile)
He's grown 3/4" since his 12 month visit. He's seems to be taking after mama in the height department, hopefully that will change as he gets older.
Head Circumference- 51cms (97th percentile)
Still a big head but it hasn't gotten bigger and he's finally growing into it.
He also has two new words for a total of 5 - mama, dada, uh-oh, cat-ty(kitty), doggie, ear
When we got home I let him run around outside for a bit and he was back to his old happy self.


Nessa said...

Chloe seems tall to me, but she's only around 33 percentile. I guess she's pretty short.
I think 'uh oh' is my favorite of all the baby phases. It's so cute.
Sounds like he's doing so great.

princess apr said...

Too cute!

Laura was the same way. The doctor would give her tongue depressors to play with and that seemed to help. She likes the doctor now. I think it's because she likes having a captive audience to talk to.

Laura, at that age, was actually in a high percentile for height and was always medium in weight. Her head was always in the 3rd percentile - tiny head! She's now pretty solid in the 25th percentile and they don't measure her head anymore. It's still super small though.

Meagan said...


Nat said...

I love pics of babies crying! Looks like he recovered quickly after those 3 shots

Sara said...

He is so adorable!! Love that crying pic :-) posted a bunch of Graham today cause I am falling in love with them. He looks very handsome in his lil outfit