Wednesday, April 24, 2013


Linking up again this week with Shannon for another So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I feel naked when I'm not wearing my engagement ring. One of the small stones on the side fell out and it's at the jewelers being replaced but I won't have it back for a week. I never take off my rings (unless I'm doing something where they could be damaged) so it feels weird not having it on my finger.
-Hunters transition to the toddler room this week has made me both proud and incredibly sad. Proud that he's adjusting so well and loving it and sad that it's just more proof he's no longer a baby.
-I'm not as excited as I should be about a trip to the Cayman Islands this summer (a post on that to come) because it means I will be away from Hunter for 5 days! I miss him during the 8 hours I'm at work, how the hell will I survive 5 whole days?!
-My coworkers and I took an extra long lunch on Friday so that we could stay in the conference room and watch all the coverage on the manhunt for the Boston bomber.
-I forwarded an email to my boss that I received saying how much a vendor and a client enjoyed working with me and what a great job they thought I had done. Just a friendly reminder to him that I kick know in case he wants to give me a raise or something ;-)
-I have no idea what to get my mother and mother-in-law for Mother's Day. Since my birthday actually falls on Mother's Day this year I think I should be exempt from gift giving.


Nessa said...

Gotta love those happy client emails. I always send the good (and bad!) ones off to my boss.
I can imagine 5 days away from Hunter would be hard on you. Hopefully he's staying with someone you completely trust. When Chloe's with my Mom I don't worry a bit, but I do miss her a lot. When she stayed with my mom for a week I skyped with her every night.

Kristen Lawlor said...

You should be exempt. Or just call it a draw :)

Shannon said...

We had to transition Taylor to the toddler room at 11 months. I HATED IT. Luckily, they made concessions and she's still the only kid in that room sleeping in a crib while her friends are on cots. I'm not saying a word. She can stay in that crib until she's in kindergarten and that's okay by me. ;)

Does Hunter have to sleep on a cot now? How is that going?

Stephanie said...

I have all these wild ideas about trips minus C and as amazing as it sounds, I know if and when the day comes that he and I apart for any length of time, I'm going to be so sad.

Anonymous said...

gotta love those client emails!

kayla's been sleeping in her own room since she was a wee baby but these days, she's been playing in her room on her own more often... an sign of independence and growth which makes me sad because she's growing wayyyy too fast for my liking!

Laurie said...

Hey there, love your blog! Completely unsolicited and unneeded advice about your vacation, but... I'd say, make sure you enjoy every minute on vacation and don't spend it feeling guilty about leaving Hunter or missing him. He is being loved on by a grandma or two at that moment and is on cloud nine. I made that mistake with my first kid. Now I have two kids, and vacations are nonexistent... :)

Heather said...

Your trip sounds awesome, and I definitely hope you'll be able to have a good time even though it will be hard being away from Hunter. I love the Caribbean!

Stephanie said...

Enjoy the vacation! It will be hard leaving him, but I would bet money being away with hubs you will be ok without Hunter and that is a good thing! When RCW took me to NYC for my birthday I was freaked out about leaving Carter with my parents for 4 days. How would I manage?! Ya know what, while I missed seeing my little guy it was so nice to have a break from formula, bottle washing and diaper changes and to sleep all night and not be on his schedule. I was surprised by the lack of texts, calls and pictures. I knew Carter was in good hands and i decided to enjoy myself as those breaks are far and few between. Not to mention taking those breaks occasionally, I think, makes us all a better momma. And the hugs and smiles when we reconnected, priceless and amazing!

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