Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Weekend Update- Including Catfish and NOT the Internet kind

On Saturday morning, Kristian woke up at the crack of down to go fishing with some guys on his buddy's new boat down on the Potomac in D.C. Thankfully Hunter did me a favor and slept until 7:30am which is always a treat on the weekends. When he woke up I pulled him and Moxie into bed for some morning snuggles.
After breakfast we had a small coloring session. Hunter still tries to eat the crayons but he's slowing getting better at coloring. I've also noticed he tends to use his left hand for both this and when using utensils. This makes his left-handed father very excited.

Kristian's fishing trip was a success and he caught a 50lb catfish!!! This thing is a monster. He threw it back, after taking numerous photos.

Meanwhile Hunter was at home taking a 2 1/2 hour nap. He was resting up for grandmas visit.

When Hunter woke up from his nap my mom, brother and brother's girlfriend arrived. My brother was taking his girlfriend to look at engagement rings (!) and then Kristian and I went out to dinner with them while my mom watched Hunter. Apparently my mom wore him out because he slept great Saturday night as well.
Sunday was filled with a long trip to the park and walk on a new trail we found, followed by my inlaws coming over to our house for dinner. Hunter got to see both grandmas this weekend was loving every minute of it.
Now that spring is FINALLY here and the weather is beautiful this week we decided to take advantage of it by going out to dinner last night at our favorite Mexican restaurant and eating outside.
Once again Hunter was coloring with his left hand.

Eating and being outside are his two favorite things so combining them made him super excited. He loved watching the cars go by and all the people on the sidewalk. Much better than just staring at mommy and daddy during dinner.

After dinner we walked to get some frozen custard which we brought home and ate outside while Hunter played with our neighbors little boy.
It was a good couple days.


Stephanie said...

I couldn't believe the size of that catfish!! I'm glad you all had a great weekend!!

Nessa said...

You make me feel lazy. I definitely need to get me and my kids out more often :p
I think Chloe uses her left hand a lot too. I'm left handed so here's to hoping.
Frozen custard sounds like it would be amazing.

Kristen Lawlor said...

What a nice weekend! Such a sweet little face (and he's cute too.. ha ha!)

Fiona said...

Oh my gosh, that fish!!! It is huge!! Amazing! I am glad you had such a nice weekend and are getting to enjoy some outdoors! Looks like Hunter loves it! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Okay, seriously, that's the biggest catfish I have ever seen! WOW!!!