Wednesday, April 10, 2013


Happy Wednesday!
Another Wednesday = another round of So What Wednesday with Shannon.
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I'm incredibly annoyed that my 4 month old laptop is not working, as in it won't even turn on! It's under warranty so I'm sending it back to hopefully be repaired or replaced. I'm just hoping my brother can get all my photos off of the hard drive first.
-I hate sitting inside all day at work when it's (finally) beautiful outside. I just want to go play at the park with my son. But at least I have my own windows so that's a plus right?
-Everynight I say I'm going to wake up early to work out and every morning I decide my bed is much too comfy for doing crazy things like working out early.
-I finally broke down and got an Old Navy credit card, despite always refusing to have store cards (too tempting). But considering that almost all of mine and Hunters clothes come from there it makes sense to get the extra savings and rewards from the card.
-I FINALLY got Hunters first year photobook yesterday and I'm obsessed with it. It turned out so well *pats myself on the back*.
-I was seriously upset last week when I saw that there wouldn't be a new episode of Scandal for three weeks! I LOVE that show and I hate having to wait so long between episodes.
-I'm actually dreading this weekend. On Saturday I have to drive up to PA for my best friends mother's funeral. She passed away last week after a tough battle with ALS and it's just so sad and unfair. I hate funerals but it's important that I'm there for my friend and to pay my respects in person.


Stephanie said...

You have officially ruined my day... no Scandal for 3 weeks? It seems like some of my favorite shows are taking breaks. Revenge did the same thing.

And I have an ON CC for the exact same reason. Did you get the ON Visa? You get double, triples points with purchases outside of the GAP family stores and it adds up to rewards quick!

Gaynor {Our Day by Design} said...

Hope you get your laptop fixed; so annoying when that happens!

So sorry to hear about your friends loss but glad you will be there for her at the weekend.


Shannon said...

Wow - just came over here from your post on my blog. We have a lot in common. Married in 2010. Kid in 2011. Awesome names.

I'll follow along! :)


Shannon said...

Also - I met my husband online too, but it was a bit more unconventional than match. Here's to finding hubbies on the world wide web!

Nessa said...

Was yours a Shutterfly photobook? I got Chloe's not long ago and me, and everyone I show it too, are so in love with it.
Glad to see that I'm not the only one who is obsessed with Old Navy. I didn't know they offered credit cards (a US thing only maybe?) but that sounds like trouble for me.

Heather said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend's mother. You're right that life can be so unfair. It's really hard to accept.

Nat said...

Boo about the laptop! It's so hard to work with this nice warm weather- all I want to do is lay by a pool. So sad about your friends Mom, it will be great for her to have you there to support her

Fiona said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your laptop!! So frustrating after only 4 months. Really hope the photos can be saved!! Should be able to if it was the computer that broke rather than the hardrive.

So sorry to hear about your friend's mom :( I am sure it will mean so much to her to have you there for support.

I need an Old Navy CC. Our family is all old navy all the time!!! Obsessed!