Wednesday, May 1, 2013


Happy Wednesday and Happy May!!
Linking up again this week with Shannon for So What Wednesday!
This week I'm saying So What if:
-I legit started to tear up when I dropped Hunter off at daycare on Monday for his first official day in the toddler room. How the hell will I manage when he leaves for college?!
-I can't stop staring at my engagement ring. I finally got it back from the jewelers after almost a week and it's so sparkly and shiny. Even after 4 years I love to stare at it. My man did GOOD.
-I'm so excited that it's May. This is my favorite month. It's also my Birthday/Anniversary/Mother's Day month.
-Kristian and I don't buy each other gifts for our anniversary, with all the other gift giving occasions during the year, we will take our money and go somewhere or do something together instead. After all, being together to celebrate is more important (in my opinion) than giving a gift. Plus he's already having to buy me something for my bday and Mother's Day.
-I was PISSED on Friday when I found out that it would cost more to fix my busted laptop than it cost to buy the damn laptop. So I will now be buying a new, cheaper laptop this weekend. Oh and it was only a few months old (and no the warranty wouldn't cover the repair costs).
-I'm excited to go car shopping, even though we don't plan to buy something for a few months, I really just want to test drive some cars and figure out what we want.


Anonymous said...

that often happens; computers (and cars) go depreciate (and go obsolete) fast that it's better to just get a new one...on the flip side, new computer yay!

and hunter will be fine; he's going to make new friends and will love it.. just watch his development grow in leaps and's quite amazing.

Amanda said...

I'm a May baby too - such a good month for a birthday!

ABpetite said...

Darling lil fam!!

HickChickBritt said...

My laptop broke too. Mine was 7 years old though, so I guess it had a good run. The crappy thing is I don't have the money to replace it. So yeah... At least I had all my pictures backed up! My birthday is this month too. 31! Will will officially be in my 30s not just 30. haha

KatiePerk said...

WOOWOO! May babies! This year we both get the double whammy! Hunter is so cute!!

Fiona said...

May is a great month and sounds like an even more wonderful month for you!! :) Enjoy! gosh, that is so frustrating about your computer!

Nat said...

May sounds like a fun month!! So exciting to get your rings cleaned- nothing better than a sparkly diamond