Monday, August 17, 2009

Weekend = Food

Looking back on this past weekend I just now realized how much food I ate. Friday night we stayed at K's parents house for the last time and my darling fiance cooked me the most AH-MAZ-ING dinner of steak, shrimp, baked potato and squash...and I discovered I actually like squash, who knew?! I felt bad for not realizing until Saturday that Friday was our 6 month engagiversary...we've been engaged 6 months! Holy crap! Damn the time is flying by. The ironic thing is that even though neither of us realized that it was the 6 month anniversary K cooked me an almost identical dinner to the one he made the night he proposed. Maybe it's not so ironic considering I eat baked potatoes almost weekly and I'm a big fan of red meat.

Saturday we went up to MD for my cousin's engagement party. She is getting married in Oct. 2010. It was outside at a park right next to a manmade pond so the boys were able to fish while the girls gossiped. Thanks to K's help my brother even caught a fish. I think it may have been his first. We're not the most outdoorsy family. We not only filled up on great picnic style food (hamburgers, pasta salad, cole slaw etc) we came home and went to McDonald's. What can I say? I had a killer craving for a Big Mac...which I typically end up regretting later.

Sunday we went to Potomac Point Winery in Stafford VA for an open house tasting that our caterer was hosting. It was our first opportunity to taste some of their food and needless to say I was psyched...I think I may have even jumped up and down a little while we were waiting in the buffet line. They had a basic selection consisting of two salads, a few of their sides, a beef, chicken, fish and pasta dish to sample. We decided that we both really liked the Pecan Crusted Chicken and will probably include that. Neither of us liked the salmon...I don't really like salmon anyway and K is an admitted fish snob. Overall I really enjoyed the food and I'm excited to do a private tasting where we can pick out the options we want to try. Also, the winery we were at was beautiful and would be stunning for an outdoor wedding.

After all the food I ate this weekend I attempted to do the Shred again and this time I'm not in quite as much pain as I was Friday so that's a plus...maybe I'll be moving onto Level 2 sooner than I thought.


Jill Pilgrim said...

Oh my God- I ate waaaaay too much food this weekend too! Now I feel all blah. I hate when that happens.

Toothfairynotes said...

wahahha sounds like my weekend too!
I've been eating the whole saturday non stop! :P

and within an hour, I'm going to have free sushi... again... :P


Ela said...

I love squash too - and again, who knew???
Mmm...Big Macs...never regret them, you'll hur their feelings ;)

p.s. I thought you were on my blogroll already...just added you!

bananas. said...

wow. i am envious of your food induced weekend. glad i'm not the only red meat lover round these parts. the pecan crusted chicken sounds amazing! and i'm not a big chicken eater.

ps. my word verification was "chowit" perfect is that?

Annie said...

mmmmm, i remember my days of eating big macs! i kind of miss them :(

KLaw said...

You ate for me this weekend. I am still burning off the calories from all the squat thrusts and ridiculous back bends I had to do painting this weekend. Jealous of your delish bounty!

Gracie said...

Ahh food! I'm a fan lol. I wish I had a big food weekend like you did =)