Monday, August 10, 2009


That's how much we made at our yard sale on Saturday! Now I must admit that $130 of that came from selling one item of Kristian's. However I'm still pretty pumped that we made $100 on the rest of the stuff we sold, especially since nothing went for more than $5 and most items sold for more like $1. Even though we were hoping to make money we were also mainly interested in just getting rid of everything so we were slashing prices every hour.

Since we live in a condo and therefore have no yard we had to go to his buddies house down the street to set up shop. We got out there around 6:15am to start setting up since there are a lot of early bird shoppers. Fortunately the neighborhood we were in already had a bunch of signs up advertising other yard sales so we just put up a few signs leading people to the court we were on. I was really surprised by the number of people that showed up. At times we were 6 cars deep. It also surprised me the way that people would haggle over the prices. There were some people who would see the $2 sticker and then want it for $1.25...REALLY?? You really are trying to save 75 whole cents on an item that we probably paid $30 for in the first place. Sigh. Oh well, we made a good amount to help fund our OBX trip this month and we now have a cleaned out guest room that we can see the floor of again. All the items we didn't sell we dropped off at Goodwill.

Yesterday I had lunch with one of my old roommates Lauren. It was great catching up with her and hearing the latest drama in her life. I've noticed that living with a boy has really made me appreciate my girl time even more. It's nice to have the extra estrogen around every now and then. Oh and I got to bring home a monster piece of chocolate cake from The Cheesecake Factory that was basically an orgasm for my mouth. Bonus!


Kym said...

wooohoo that's $230 you didn't have so thats still good! :) and mmmm cheesecake factory, too bad we don't have that here! :(

april said...

Usually, with yard sales, you have to look at it like you cleared away stuff, not how much you paid versus the sticker price. It's great that you cleared out excess stuff AND made a good amount!

Ela said...

That's great! I've always wanted to hold a garage sale...but I'm too lazy and just end up passing on to Goodwill. Perhaps I'll have one next year.

Oh and your last post, I can't wait till your shirt, mine's on its way as well :) We should do club of Kym's happy clients :)

Oh gosh - Vaughn, I LOVED him! He I never dreamt about - go figure. My cousin once told me she was dating a guy that looked like him...yeah, I was sorely disasppointed and slightly offended she even made the comparison, LOL.

Gracie said...

That's awesome! I guess some people just want even more of a bargain. Maybe they expect to haggle? But you have made some more money and have cleaned out a bit.
I love cheesecake!