Friday, August 7, 2009

Bulletpoint Friday

  • Tomorrow is National Yard Sale day which is great considering that we decided last night to finally have our yard sale tomorrow and hopefully get rid of all the crap occupying the guest room and help fund our trip to OBX later this month.
  • I can't wait to get my custom "Beef and Brocorri" shirt that the awesome Kym designed
  • I'm SOOO happy Jeanine won So You Think You Can Dance. She really pulled it out at the end. I'm also SOOO happy that I don't have to wait a WHOLE year before the new season starts.
  • I got the first disc of Season 1 of Mad Men on Netflix and I can't wait to watch it this weekend. I've heard so many good things about this show...not that I really have time to become addicted to anything else.
  • I finally finished reading all 500 and some odd pages of The Time Traveler's Wife. It was great, a bit difficult to follow at times, but overall I really enjoyed it and can't wait to see the movie.


  • Work has been so slow for the past two weeks, I know I shouldn't complain because I was just bitching about how overwhelmingly busy I was but this isn't any better. A happy medium would be nice.
  • I get to see some of my favorite people in two weeks down in NC for my MOH's grad school graduation party and I. CANNOT. WAIT.
  • Have I mentioned how happy I am that it's Friday? No. Well I'm SOOOOOO Happy it's Friday! Happy Weekend all!


april said...

We just recently jumped on the Mad Men bandwagon even though we've had the DVD set for 2 years of Season 1. Season 3 starts in a week so hustle! :)

I agree with The Time Traveler's Wife. It took me awhile as I admitted, but I was very glad I finished it. I'm actually lending it to a friend this afternoon. She's number 4 billion on the wait list at the library so I told her she could borrow my copy. It's free (minus shipping it back to me).

Good luck with your yard sale! Cute t-shirt. Now I want Chinese...

Kym said...

wooohooooo! oh and just to make sure you know, yours is baby blue.. not green, i hope you didn't get thrown off! haha! and i havn't followed SYTYCD at all but i saw the finale last night.. and wow. that breast cancer one and the addiction dance? WOOHHHH i got chills. haha! anyway, have a GREAT weekend SGGGG ;P

KLaw said...

I saw you got that shirt from Kym and I DIED laughing. Loves it!

I hear Madmen is awesome- lemme know.

Have fun yardselling! Hope you make some duckets!

Abbie said...

I could stand to have a garage sale myself. Good luck!

Alicia said...

hahaaa that shirt is amazing!! beef and brocorri...i seriously almost peed my pants!

Elizabeth Marie said...

HAHA I LOVE THAT SHIRT!!! That just made my Saturday!

I need to catch up on Mad Men! And I am so with you on SYTYCD...she totally deserved it. The Time Travelers Wife was super hard for me to get into...but once I did, pretty amazing. I might read it a second time. I hope the movie doesn't jack it up! :)

Happy Weekend sweetheart! XOXO

Gracie said...

lol awesome shirt! I have read half of The Time Traveler's wife but I might try it again sometime.