Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Wedding Party Wednesday

Today's edition of Wedding Party Wednesday is dedicated to one of my favorite people/bridesmaids Colleen who as of yesterday is now a member of the Dirty Thirty club (or in her case the Flirty Thirty club)--Happy Birthday!!!

As with my MOH, I met Colleen when I joined AOII. She was a year ahead of me in a school and had just joined AOII the spring before. Because of this she ended up spending a lot of time and becoming good friends with my pledge class. After I moved into the sorority house spring semester I shared a room with her, Kristen and 3 other girls. That's right there were 6 of us in one room, sharing 2 closets and one bathroom. How we survived that is beyond me. Colleen and I didn't become really close until my junior/her senior year when we got an apartment together. We got along really well and only had one fight the whole year which involved her drunkenly locking me out of our apartment. However she apologized with ice cream so I couldn't stay mad for long.

After college Colleen moved back to PA and I moved back to MD and eventually down to VA. We would visit each other every few months and after YEARS of begging, pleading and bribing I convinced her to make her way back down below the Mason Dixon line and live with me in VA. We moved into our apartment last summer but due to our relationships at the time we didn't actually see each other very much. However on the nights when we were both at the apartment we had a great time hanging out, trying to keep the kitty out of trouble and watching bad reality t.v. I was even able to get Colleen, who doesn't watch much t.v., into Project Runway and The Office.

Colleen is hands down the sweetest person I know. Regardless of what's happening in her own life she's always upbeat and optimistic and rarely has a bad word to say about anyone (even if they deserve it). She's also one of the most unintentionally funny people I know and she has donated hours of her life to listening to all my boy troubles over the years. I really believe that it was Colleen's positive energy around me that helped bring Kristian into my life since I met him about two months after her and I moved in together.

I have no doubt that Colleen and I will continue to be friends long into the future and I'm so excited that she will be with me on my wedding day.


KLaw said...

I heart me some Colleen too! I thought of her this morning with my post on falofles.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Awww I love friends like that! Colleen sounds amazing! :)

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

aww great post.

Alicia said...

*tear* those kinds of friends are the best! give her a hug from me :)