Monday, August 31, 2009

Blah Blah Blah

That's how I'm feeling right now...very blah. Last week work basically kicked the shit out of me and God was obviously punishing for daring to take a two day vacation because when I returned to work on Wednesday all hell broke loose on my jobs and even though none of the problems were my fault I still had to do serious damage control with my clients. Needless to say when 5pm on Friday came I RAN out of the door like the Devil was chasing me.

On my way home I stopped by the Handy Dandy Mart (yes that's the real name) to pick up a 6 pack of beer...sidenote...I'm not a big drinker and even when I do drink Beer is VERY rarely my beverage of choice but I needed something and didn't feel like hitting up the liquor store. I also purchased 4 Mega Millions tickets hoping against hope that I would win the over $300 million jackpot and not have to return to my place of torment...err...I mean job on Monday. Alas I only got 2 matching numbers out of all 4 tickets hence my being at work today *sigh* I did however chug some beer, eat some pizza, catch up on my celebrity gossip sites and went to bed in a better mood.

Saturday I went to have lunch with the mother and drop off my STD's since she so graciously agreed to handwrite all the addresses. Came home then K and I headed out for Sushi and Saki with his buddy. I did not partake in the sushi or the saki but instead watched as K and his friend got smashed and ring up a pretty large tab. Came home and slept unsuccessfully next to my oh so drunk fiance that was snoring LOUDLY all night.

Yesterday I got up and tried to be the loving wife to be by running out and picking up Gatorade for K and Starbucks for myself. Came back and made two omelets then spent the afternoon cleaning the house. Kristian made an amazing dinner that he was inspired by after watching Rachel Ray that morning...Bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with blue cheese. Yum.

Anyway I'm back at work today cringing everytime the phone rings in fear that it will be another disaster. Hopefully whatever Hex was put on my office last week has been lifted and my mood will turn back around because right now I'm a very Bitter Betty and not much fun to be around.


KLaw said...

I'm sorry Charlie! You need a bubble bath and a foot massage. Work it out sista.

bananas. said...

bacon wrapped chicken stuffed with blue cheese...YES PLEASE!!! that would turn my frown upside down that's for sure. i'm with ya sista. totally ms. cranky pants today. don't mess with me! lol.

Kym said...

you need a day at the spa... with a cocktail... and a big greasy burger. yummm. hehe! hope the rest of the week is better for ya :(

Elizabeth Marie said...

Since you're on the east coast you better be home with a glass of wine in hand!!

I have AMAZING makeup artist friends everywhere-I was with MAC for almost ten years. AND MY FAVORITE is by you I think, his name is me!