Thursday, August 13, 2009

They're Here! They're Here!

My Save the Dates arrived yesterday and I couldn't be more thrilled. They look awesome and I spent most of my afternoon stealing quick peeks at them while at work. In fact about 10 minutes after they arrived at my office Kristian stopped by to get his phone charger which I had in my purse (actually he didn't really need it he just wanted an excuse to see me...aww), so I was able to give him one. He loved them! In fact when I got in his car last night to go watch the minor league baseball game I saw that he had it displayed on his center console so that he could look at it anytime. He's so sweet it makes you a little sick right? :-)

So here are my questions for the peanut gallery:

1. When should I sent out these bad boys? We're just about 9 months out from the wedding and I was thinking of sending them next month. Is that too soon?

2. The magnets came with small, silver lined envelopes that they fit into quite well, however I feel like I need to add something rather than just putting the magnets in the envelopes alone. Kristian agrees so now I'm trying to figure out how to display these. I was thinking of somehow affixing them to a nice piece of cardstock. I'm not the most crafty or creative so any suggestions are welcomed.

On another note I once again had to set the alarm at the in-laws house this morning and I was able to do it without setting it off and having to run out of the house Mission Impossible style. Yay for me!


Kym said...

hmmmm... im helping plan my brother's wedding but they didn't do save the dates so i can't be of much help in that area. but if you send it out next month, that's 8 months out.. that sounds okay to me. it IS a save the date after all!

april said...

I think anytime between now and the next couple of months is fine. Plus, they're out by the time the holidays arrive and you don't have to worry about doing too many things at once (or buying Christmas presents AND stamps for those suckers).

I'm the last person you'd need for crafty items, but you could get the fancy schmancy scrapbooking scissors or dye cut card stock and then use the ticky tack stuff to affix.

Anonymous said...

Where did you order the magnets from?! And did you design them or use a design they provided!? I'm just curious because I designed ours and just need to find a place to print the art on magnets and provide envelopes. Let me know if you can!

We're sending our save the dates out 6 months before our wedding. If you're having a lot of out of town guests who really need to plan flights, etc. then I don't think 8 months is too long. It's up to you!

kage said...

Send them out now! We're doing ours one year prior because half the guests are coming from out of town and I think most people appreciate the courtesy of early notice. Oh and please please please post pictures of them!!

Gracie said...

You could send them out now. I haven't even sent any and our wedding is 6 months away. How exciting! I hope you post pics soon.

bananas. said...

i want to see your save the dates! i actually like those more than i like the actual invites. lol. i say send them now but i'm not one to give advice as i've never been married.