Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The only kind of STD I want...

Last night I finally ordered our Save the Dates courtesy of Magnet Street . While K was busy watching Shark Week I decided to get online and play around with some of the templates they offer and include our information and pictures to see what they would really look like. I think this is what also finally helped convince K to go with the photo magnets which he had initially been against...or maybe he just gave in so that I would leave him alone and he could back to watching shark attacks. Regardless we ended up with what I think are really cute photo magnets using pictures from our engagement party. We used this sample (obviously not our pictures, however the sample date is my birthday!!)


The magnets also come with silver lined envelopes. I may go on to Zazzle.com and order personalized stamps to go with them but I haven't decided yet. The best part was that I did a search for magnet street coupons prior to ordering and found a code that saved us $15! So that money can go towards the postage for these bad boys. Once I receive these and mail them out I may post a pic of our actual STD.

In other news the weekend was good. Saturday we went down to K's parents house for the day so that he could fish and I could lay on the deck and read more of my book. One of his parents neighbors came over to show us pictures of his daughter's wedding from the weekend before and turns out she had the same exact dress that I ALMOST bought. It was the one that I loved but was a bit too expensive. After seeing it on her, while I still really liked it, it confirmed that the dress I ordered is the perfect dress for me.

Sunday we went up to MD to have lunch with my brother, sister-in-law and two nieces and see their new house. It was the first time I had seen my nieces in a while due to some family drama (long story) but it was great. They are still as cute as ever and SO entertaining, especially the 5 year old who has endless amounts of energy. As much as we want kids one day this visit proved that we're perfectly fine with just our cats for now!


RCaitlin said...

Oh I love your "save the date" idea!!! I may add that to the list of things I'm planning for my future wedding heehee.

april said...

Very cute.

Rob's cousin got married the month before us and his wife had my second choice dress. I was very glad I chose the one I did at that point (plus, they didn't make it so maybe the dress was bad luck!)

Love reading all the progress of your wedding. It'll be here before you know it.

Iva said...

awww!! WOW! Such a cute idea!!

Elizabeth Marie said...


The title of this post had me cracking up :)