Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Weekend Recap

It's amazing to me that our baby free weekends are rapidly coming to a close so it's important to try cram in as much as we can while we can. I haven't been feeling that great that last few days, as I get closer to D-Day the worse I seem to feel physically so it's been tough getting shit done and just doing anything other than lay on the couch. Here's a quick recap of our weekend.

Friday Night-
-I made my husband take me out to dinner. We haven't been out on a "date" in a while and I felt I was due. We went to a little Mexican place close to our house and I've now discovered the best queso dip in Northern VA. Kristian loved his meal so much I really thought he was going to hug the waiter. I think we'll be going back.


-While my husband and father-in-law went to check out a gun show (yes a real gun show, not the kind where you just show off your biceps) I did some more baby shopping. I decided to check out a baby consignment shop I had heard a lot about. I picked up several little outfits (all in great condition) and only spent $17! When you think that most babies only wear an outfit a couple times before they grow out of it most of this stuff looked almost brand new. My only complaint- they didn't have a public restroom to use...when you have pregnant chicks as your main customer I highly suggest having a bathroom for them to use. Common sense.


-Got up early and dragged Kristian with me to see Breaking Dawn. If we go to the movies (which isn't often) we always go to the early show on the weekend because it's the cheapest....only $6 a ticket as opposed to $12.

-Overall I liked the movie but not nearly as much as I liked the book.  The theater was pretty packed for it being so early and there was a woman at the end of our row who thought it would be a good idea to bring her approximately 4 year old daughter to see the movie (totally not appropriate by the way). Well I guess the child is neither Team Edward or Team Jacob because she started SCREAMING during the movie (and not at a scary part either). The mother just acted totally oblivious until finally people started yelling "Take her out of the theater" or "Leave" before she finally got up and took the child out. By the way, nobody said anything for about 5 minutes, all hoping she would settle down, when the screaming got louder that's when people started to get pissed.

**Here's the thing I get that kids are going to throw tantrums and it sucks for the parent but you need to be a responsible adult and take your child out if you're in a theater or restaurant or other public place and they throw a fit (if you're on a plane and literally cannot go anywhere that's different). I know it's inconvenient but it's not fair to ruin the experience for those around you. Rant over.

-I spent the afternoon, washing baby clothes and working on a DIY project for the nursery while Kristian slept in his recliner watching football

So that was our weekend in a nutshell. I'm hoping to get a lot more accomplished on the baby prep front during the long holiday weekend as well as start decorating for Christmas. We'll see if my energy level can match my to-do list.


Venassa said...

Ugh who would take a kid that young to that kind of movie anyway? I dont know if you guys have this, but our theater has a movie showing every week or every other week that is kid-friendly. They have all sorts of baby toys it's for parents to get to see new movies without always needing a sitter. I think it's a great idea.
What is this DIY project your working on? If you dont mind me asking :p

april said...

Oh, goodness, I can't remember the last time I hit a matinee, let alone an early movie. I can't get my act in gear. Oh, Laura and I went to Cars 2, but it was 2PM by the time we got to the theater. We're a late morning family, not that I'm complaining about having a kid who likes to sleep late. It turned out that my kid thinks movie theaters are the best place to sleep so I never have the screaming kid (though I've only taken her to one movie because I'm petrified of being that person).

Enjoy the last of your baby-free weekends! I don't remember those months before, but I know I did a lot and just kind of pushed through - fairs, movies, museums. Stupidly, I kept thinking I'd NEVER do that stuff again so I tried to do it all.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Enjoy these baby free weekends for sure! We haven't been to a movie in the theaters in over a year now! Mainly because when we finally get a date night, movies just arent at the top of the list!

Heather said...

I also hate it when people are so inconsiderate in public places like that. It's just common sense to get up and leave so that you don't disturb everyone else. I hope you have a great holiday weekend and Thanksgiving!

~KS said...

Seriously?!?! No bathroom? What were those store owners thinking... I love a good deal. Sounds like (minus the weirdo bathroom situation) you made a great find!

Meg said...

Sounds like a great weekend minus the store with no restroom--that's got to be illegal when your main clients are preggo ladies!

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

Sounds like you are making the most of your baby free weekends. It's amazing how quickly time has flown!!!

Nicole-Lynn said...

Young kids in movies drive me insane!

Glad you were able to convince hubby to take you out for a date night!

It's crazy to think you'll have a baby SOON! Feels like just yesterday you announced you were pregnant!