Monday, November 16, 2009

Weekend Update- Bulletpoint style

-Friday night we went for dinner at On The Border and stuffed ourselves silly with chips, queso, guac and fajitas. So good but we were so full we didn’t even want to touch each other for the rest of the night.

-Saturday my brother Michael hooked us up with tickets to the University of Maryland vs Virginia Tech game at UMD. My brother is an alum and works in the press box recording the stats of every home game, hence how we were able to get the tixs. Tech crushed MD and Kristian was thrilled. It was actually really fun since not only did Tech win but there were more Tech fans there than MD fans, so we felt very at home in our Tech gear and cheering with other fans.

-After the game my brother treated us to dinner and then we came back to his condo to discuss honeymoon plans, hopefully that will be booked today and once it is I’ll write more about that. I’m still scared of jinxing things.

-Sunday we went to his parents house to eat pizza and watch the Redskins game (they shockingly won!). While K and his dad watched the game his mom and I bonded over tabloid magazines and I gave her a tutorial on how to use Facebook. We were secretly looking up her old boyfriends while his dad was watching the game. Every now and then he would ask what we were doing and she would yell back “don’t worry about it”. Haha. I think I’ve gotten her addicted and she’s seriously considering creating a profile!

It was a great weekend and I’m hoping that this week goes by fast because next week is Thanksgiving!! I’m already drooling thinking about all the yummy food I plan on consuming.


bananas. said...

i haven't been to on the border in forever but from what i can remember their food is delish and great with beers :)

Kym said...

glad you had a great weeekend! booooo, i want thanksgiving again cus i missed our canadian thanksgiving last october (i was in the states, haha!)

Alicia said...

mmmmm i totally want mexican food now!!! and that is SO cute that you were looking up old bf's with her!! that must have been hilarious! hope the honeymoon plans are working out! :)

KLaw said...

That's a pretty fun weekend! Hilarious about the facebook thing :)

MMMM. Thanksgiving. Nom nom nom.

Summer B. said...

HAH! Looking up her old boyfriends? That is hysterical!

Happy honeymoon planning!

Elizabeth Marie said...

On the Border IS FREAKING GOOD! It's been a hot minute, need to go back.

So funny about Facebook. I guess I'll never stop looking up my ex's no matter how old or married I get haha.

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

that's so funny about her ex's and Liz's comment=> buajajaja