Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let's Go Pirates....ARRRRGH!

Tonight is the night we've been waiting for all season long, the night when MY ECU Pirates will be taking on Kristian's VA TECH Hokies! It will be a tense night in our little home and one of us could end up sleeping on the couch. Last year ECU beat Tech but I wasn't able to fully bask in our glory since we hadn't been dating that long and I didn't want him to dump me. But this year

Tech has lost their last two games and while I hate to see Kristian so bummed after each loss it does give me some confidence going into the game tonight, especially since it's a home game for ECU. Even though my allegiance tonight MUST go towards my alma mater I do try to be the supportive fiance and cheer on the Hokies during all other games. In fact my super awesome big brother was able to score us tickets to next week's VA Tech vs. University of Maryland game (he works in the press box during the game). Kristian is super psyched to see his team play in person and hopefully it will help make him feel better after their asses are handed to them tonight!



Marian said...

I do the same thing...cheer for the fiance's team as long as they aren't playing my team. But you best believe when we match up, I bring the heat:)

bananas. said...

oh man...let the war begin! if you're anything like me, i get pretty competitive and talk mad shit throughout games.

i can't wait to hear the outcome. hopefully no one will be sleeping on the couch. lol.

KLaw said...

Holler! ECU!

Annie said...

haha! it is on!!
glad my fiance and i are for the same teams, all the time ;)

Elizabeth Marie said...

"I didnt want him to dump me"

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! I hope your team wins lady!!!