Sunday, November 29, 2009

Weekend in Pictures

Wednesday night:

Finally saw New Moon. Loved it. Since I haven't read the books I only have the first two movies to go off of and I have to admit I'm batting for Team Jacob right now. Not only are his abs TDF but I think he's really sweet with Bella. Edward is a bit too skinny and pale for my taste however the last line of the movie OMG!! I'm tempted to go read Eclipse just to see what happens next.


Amazing dinner at Kristian's parents house. All of his aunts/uncles and cousins on his dad's side were there along with 6 dogs running around. It really was a full house. His mom decorated beautifully, everyone brought a dish or two and it was just the type of Thanksgiving I've always imagined having. We spent the rest of the night in a food coma.


Kristian spent most of the day hunting and I spent most of the day laying on the couch except for a quick trip to Target. I left needing cat litter and came home with a new scarf, 4 necklaces and a few picture frames. Gotta love Black Friday deals. That night we played Christmas music and started decorating the house then finished by watching Love Actually which is one of my favorite Christmas movies.

Met up with my friend Lauren for lunch and had a chance to catch up and have some needed girl talk. Afterwards I stopped by Old Navy and took advantage of their sale and bought Kristian two new sweaters and two new pairs of jeans which unfortunately didn't fit. Then I met up with Kristian to hang out with his buddies including his best man Kevin who was in town from Texas. We all hung out and watched the VA Tech football game. His buddy Bryan ended up crashing at our place and the three of us had a great time talking and laughing. I'm so happy that I get along with all of his friends.


We had my mom and brother Michael over for a belated Thanksgiving lunch of blue cheese stuffed chicken wrapped in bacon, green beans, mashed potatoes, cherry pie and cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes which are in a word Delish! Oh and the last picture of us with the cats is going on our Christmas Cards this year. The cats hate us now and will probably pee on the carpet in retaliation but I couldn't resist.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend!


Marian said...

Oh, I am so in that Team Jacob boat with you for the same exact reason!!

And the Christmas pictures are adorable!!

bananas. said...

TEAM EDWARD!!!!! ALWAYS!!! jacob is sweet but he gets uber annoying the third book that's why i'm not blinded by the abs. plus does anyone else care about the face?! i mean his face is weird!

anyway, you're friday was my saturday minus the lazy part. i was putting up all my xmas decor and ended the day with LOVE ACTUALLY...the best holiday movie EVERRRR! and that scene is my favorite even though it's weird that he's in love with his best friend's WIFE! um HELLO! haha.

anyway, just typed your ear off so i'm done. happy sunday! here's hopingh for a fast week and early weekend :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

I failed at New Moon.

BUT your Thanksgiving looks so nice!! And I did the same thing at Target! It's my version of Disneyland.

Love Actually is the best movie EVER EVER!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I love it! Very creative!That's actually really cool

KLaw said...

Cute pictures! I agree with you on the whole Edward thing. Too pale, too not jacob for me :)

That picture of the cats is so cute.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Sounds like a great weekend!! Love Actually is one of my fave Christmas movies too! It's one even my hubby will watch!

Annie said...

the christmas card picture is so cute!!!
glad you had such a great weekend hun! :)
your thanksgiving feast looks very yummy!

Ela said...

You are gorgeous! Purple is your colour for sure - one of many I'm sure ;)

So funny, when I saw that pic I thought "that'd be the perfect Christmas card photo". I'm psychic. Or you're just too cute so it was a given :) The first of many family photos :)