Monday, November 23, 2009

Hits and Misses

Friday night-
Hit- Coming home to a newly cleaned condo courtesy of my loving fiancé who knew I was stressed out
Miss- Taking over an hour to get home because of traffic…hence the stress

Hit- Meeting with a florist that I think I will book to do our bouquets for the wedding
Miss- Getting a phone call on the way home from one of my vendors saying there is an issue with one of my jobs that is suppose to complete today. Spent the remainder of the weekend stressed out about this.

Hit- Getting to talk to my girl Kristen
Miss- Dialing her by mistake when I meant to call Kristian who is in my phone after her and thinking she was some skanky Ho answering my man’s phone
Hit- We got a great laugh out of it.

Hit- Going to a party at K’s friends house and meeting some cool people and eating some great cake
Miss- Driving K home while he puked both on the window (couldn’t get it down in time) and in TWO different bags. Guess that last shot of Bourbon was a bad idea!

Hit- Spending a lazy day on the couch, watching movies, eating pizza and interneting and also getting a great email from Liz who K now refers to as my “pen pal” haha
Miss- Not going to see New Moon b/c my date was too hungover to leave the house.

Hit- Getting a very substantial X-mas bonus check!! Holla! The wedding fund will be getting a nice deposit this week!


Summer (BisforBrown) said...

Some skank ho! HYSTERICAL!

I love the hit and miss post, babe!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Be sure to keep that honey in check come wedding don't want that last shot of Bourbon to ruin the big night :)

Marian said...

Yes, this did make me laugh!! Whose da ho!! Hahahaha

And big props for Christmas bonuses!! I hope to get mine soon and do the exact same thing

bananas. said...

BONUS CHECK! uh whaaaat?! lucky lady, you! wish my company would gift me with some moola.

sounds like a funtastic weekend. here's to short weeks and bonus checks. woop woop!

KLaw said...

What a fun post idea! Do it all the time. But don't let the thirsty bitches steal your thunder :)

Still laughin about that call.

Kristin said...

You've got yourself a good man there lady! I knew mine was a keeper when he cleaned for me. Ah ha

Elizabeth Marie said...

PEN PAL! AHAHAHAH! I love it. Keeping it. On that a comin!

Some skanky ho lol! Hilarious.

Ela said...

Oh my that call - I'd pay to hear that call. Too funny!
Woot woot!!! Yay for the bonus check, you totes deserve it :)
Love you girly!!!

nifer said...

Congrats on the bonus check! Score! That's something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving... not many people are so lucky!

Happy Thanksgiving!

~ Jen

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

jajaja loved this list!! And nice hit with the bonus check!! :D

Liana said...

this is so cute to do hit or miss! and yay for Christmas bonuses!!

Gracie said...

Lol great post! It's good to see though that there is always a good and a positive thing. Yay for Christmas bonus.

Annie said...

YAY for a Christmas bonus!! that's awesome hun! :)
sounds like you had a good weekend!
too funny that you thought some ho was answering K's phone! i would've been thinking the same thing, haha!

i hope you have a great thanksgiving!!