Monday, November 9, 2009

Better Moods and Bridesmaid Dresses

It’s amazing how just one weekend can help lift your moods. After being a moody little sourpuss last week I immediately started to feel better Friday evening. I think leaving work and getting away from that stress was a big help. Friday night, we stayed in, grabbed a bunch of blankets and comforters and made a little snuggle nest in the living room in front of the fire, ate some Chinese food and watched the last two episodes of Flash Forward. It’s just what I needed!

Saturday I went bridesmaid dress shopping again with Colleen and we finally decided on a dress (ours will be in black). Colleen put down her deposit and hopefully everyone else can have their deposits in by Dec. 1 since it takes about 3 months for them to arrive.


You may recall this was one of the dresses the girls tried on last time that we really liked. Well I called around and found this same dress at another store for $40 cheaper! Holla! So we went to the dress shop and she tried on a few other dresses just for comparison sake and we both agreed that this one was the best. I think they are super cute and the pricing wasn’t too bad, especially since these could be easily worn again to a holiday party or even nice dinner out.

After shopping was over I went out to dinner later with my other bridesmaid Kelli (she wasn’t able to make it for shopping). It was great having a chance for some girl time. I wish she lived closer so that we could do it more often.

Sunday I cleaned, went to the grocery store and worked on one of my Christmas gifts for Kristian which I may post about this week.

All in all I was in much better spirits this weekend after spending time with some of my favorite people.


bananas. said...

yay for better spirits!!! boo for monday whorefests! yuck.

the bridesmaid dresses are a SCORE! i love them and can't wait to see them on your ladies on your...wait for it...WEDDING DAY!!!

have a great day lover!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Oh, your dresses are too cute. And I love me some Flash Forward...I just got caught up on it this past week, too :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

So glad you're feeling better!! Good people have that effect!

The dresses are amazing!!! WOOP WOOP!!

Love you!!!

nifer said...

I really like that dress, and in black it is so versatile! Good choice!

~ Jen

Toothfairy said...

Really nice dress! great pick for the bride maids! they'll all look gorgeous in it!


Alicia said...

nothing like a little girl time and shopping to life the spirits!! and i love that dress, so dang cute!!

KLaw said...

That dress is the bomb dizzle! Its going to be fantastic!!

Glad you're in better spirits today. me too! Although mine must be the fish oil pills i'm now ingesting on a 3 xs a day basis.

Annie said...

love the dress!! it's super cute!
glad you had a great weekend hun and you're in a better mood :)

Gracie said...

I'm glad you are feeling happier and your mood has passed.
That dress is very pretty. I like practical brides maid dresses. I think it's better for you girls too cause they can use them again.

Ela said...

So glad you felt better! No sad SGs allowed :)
And $40 cheaper, awesome!!!
So addicted to that show - eek!!! I love it!