Monday, November 16, 2009

MVB- Most Valuable Brother

I have two older brothers, Keith who is 4 years older than me and the father of my two adorable nieces. The other, Michael, is 7 years older than me and is currently the winner of the MVB (most valuable brother) award.

My parents divorced when I was 8 and we've never been close with my father, in fact he doesn't even know I'm engaged (that's a whole 'nother story). Seeing how I didn't grow up with much of a father, Michael stepped in and helped play the father role. He's always been there for me, whether it was teaching me how to drive stick shift, helping me apply to college AND co-signing my loan or helping me buy my car. He's the quintessential protective big brother and because of that he has NEVER liked any of the guys I dated. That is until I met Kristian.

Right from the first meeting Kristian and Michael really hit it off. They have no problem talking or hanging out when I'm not around and they've even talked about going on fishing and hunting trips together. Michael and our other brother aren't very close so I think it's really great that he now has Kristian to help fill that brother role I know he's been missing. Kristian has even taken over my role of helping Michael with dating advice.

When I got engaged Michael was thrilled and he offered to help out in anyway he could. I was hesitant to ask him for money for the wedding since he's not technically my father (though he acts like it at times). When he saw that we probably wouldn't be able to afford a honeymoon he stepped in offered to pay for our honeymoon! The entire honeymoon! As his wedding gift to us.
We were pretty much speechless but seeing how much he wanted to do this for us and knowing we could never afford it on our own we took him up on his offer.

The one thing about Michael is that he has really good and really expensive taste, even when it comes to his baby sister. He also really enjoys planning trips. He planned an entire two week trip to Europe for him and my mom this past spring. When we went over to his condo on Saturday he showed us a few options he found, all of which were awesome. And despite the fact that he is paying he was actually trying to convince us to go with the most expensive option. I have to admit it didn't take much arm twisting because the option he was hoping we would take was incredible.

On the drive home we were once again speechless, not believing that we actually had the chance to go on such an amazing trip. Michael will be paying for our accommodations, including the special "love" package, our airfare and our food and drinks. I really don't know how we could ever possibly repay him but I'm thinking our first born son might very likely end up with Michael as a middle name :)

Stay tuned for Part 2 where I reveal where we will be going....


bananas. said...

you have the best brother ever!!! i love this post and i love the love you have for each other. obviously, michael wants the best for baby sister and know you deserve everything he has to give you. when you said you weren't going on a honeymoon, i almost started campaigning to raise money for you.i can't wait to hear where you two are off to after the nuptials. brother never really cared to know my ex. he even nicknamed him shrek. ha! but now that i'm with dave, they're like inseparable. it really makes a difference when the ones you love love each other :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Ahhh this made me teary. I am so glad you have such an amazing brother and he is stepping up to make his baby sisters dreams come true. That is so awesome.

Love you! Cant wait to see where you're going!!!!!

Ela said...

I just loved reading every bit of this. How sweet of Michael - he certainly loves his baby sister and her future hubby :)
I can't wait to see/hear about where you're off to! Wherever it is I know it'll be fabulous. So happy for you hon, you deserve it!

Gracie said...

That's so sweet! You seem to have a really special bond and I hope you always have that. How wonderful that he paid for your whole honeymoon that's really amazing!

Anonymous said...

It's good to know there are still gracious people in this world, you're very lucky.

Annie said...

aw!!! you really do have the sweetest most kind hearted big brother ever!!! that is awesome that he is paying for the honeymoon!!

can't wait to hear where you are going!! :)

my brother and my fiance are pretty much best friends, i love that!!

LiLu said...

Awwww. I love my sis, but I always thought it would be so nice to have an older brother too. Especially to date all his friends... ;-)

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

Awwwwww it sounds like he is definitely the best brother ever. I'm so glad you're surrounded by love. And naming your kid after him sounds great too!

PS: Lilu's comment cracked me up