Friday, January 31, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Today is my mama's birthday! This past Monday was my mother-in-laws birthday so tomorrow we are taking both moms out to lunch to celebrate together. I love the fact that both of our moms like each other so much. They are actually really similar which is probably why I get along with my MIL so well. 

2. Last night I had to go downtown for a work event. I very rarely go to after hour work events because I prefer to spend my evenings with my little family. I already feel bad enough being away from Hunter for 50 hours a week. Anyways, I had to go last night and wasn't able to get home until after Hunter was in bed. Kristian told me that when he put Hunter to bed and was closing the door he heard him say "nigh night mama" ugh! Kills me. And THIS is why I want to be the one putting him to bed every night. 

3. Hearing all the stories of the people stuck on the highways in Atlanta and Alabama is just more reason why I work from home on days when they are calling for snow. We had a similar situation a few years back in the DC area. Fortunately I made it home in 2 hours but I had coworkers that spent 8 hours on the road that day. Basically one of my worst nightmares. No point risking an accident or getting stuck when I can work just as easily from my house.

4. Hunters two little friends on our street are both having birthday parties in February (one is on Sunday). Best part is both parties are at their houses, I love when I can just walk to a party. Worst part is trying to buy the kids a birthday gift, I never know what toys they already have and end up taking forever to pick something out that I think they might like/won't annoy the parents.

5. After finally finishing a book I started reading back in August (!) I started reading Divergent this past week. It definitely reminds me of The Hunger Games but I like it so far and hopefully can finish it before the movie comes out. I love to read but I've gotten really bad about not taking the time to do it (other than reading my US Weeklys).


Fiona said...

That is great that your mom and MIL get along so well and you are able to take them both out to celebrate! :) Today is actually my MIL's birthday!! Won't get to see her as she's in England but hoping to Skype later.

Aww how sweet of Hunter to say night night mama even when you weren't there. He must have missed you!

princess apr said...

I always include a gift receipt.

I liked Divergent a lot. Allegiance is a little too angsty for me. I read spoilers on the third so I'm not sure if I'm going to continue with the series, but I may take a break and pick it up again. I do want to see the movie eventually. I don't know if it's worth theater viewing. I'm figuring I'll see The Fault in Our Stars if I'm picking a Shailene Woodley movie to see.

I hate kid birthday parties. I swear if Laura didn't have so many generous friends, I'd skip more of them. I need a loan just to get to all of them. Even spending like $10-15 on a gift, they tend to clump together and times 20 other kids in the class, it gets crazy!

Laura said...

I can't even believe the atlanta/alabama road crazy! I'll have to try divergent... that is one thing I miss since having Natalie - time to read! I used to read one to two books a week during my commutes and now I don't read anymore! #2 kills cute, I cannnot wait for Natalie to start talking and saying adorable things like that.

Heather said...

Divergent is on my reading list, too, and I'm hoping I'll get to it soon. I also felt so bad for all of those people in Atlanta. We got stuck trying to get home for three hours during one of the DC ice storms, which was good compared to others. Now, we definitely stay home and off the roads as much as we can when it snows.

sara said...

Oh God I totally remember that snowstorm. Nelson got stuck for like 5 hours -- maybe more. I hated it for him!

Divergent is fantastic :) If you end up reading the whole series, we must discuss when you're finished.

Shannon said...

I really want to read divergent too. I loved the hunger games and I heard this is even better!

Sarah said...

I really am not a fan of gift shopping for little people either. I always include a gift receipt just in case, but you just never know what they have or want!

Nat said...

I loved the Divergent series- maybe even more than HG. I'm not good at picking out kids gifts either for all the reasons you listed. I have friend in Atlanta and it took her 5 hours to get home but she said she was lucky compared to some people! She's from the Boston area originally and just moved to ATL so she said it crazy to see how backed up a city can get with only 2.5 inches of snow.