Friday, January 17, 2014

Five on Friday

1. Hunter officially moved to the 2-3 year old room this week or what they call Preschool 1A class. Umm how is my baby already in preschool??! He loves it, he had been crying a lot during drop off but the last two days when I've dropped him off in his new room, no tears just smiles. Apparently he was telling his other teacher that he didn't like that room because it was the "baby room". He's happy to be reunited with the older boys that transitioned in the fall. 

2. This weekend I'm getting my mom's treadmill that she no longer wants. I've been wanting one for a while, not so much to lose weight but just to get more active and be healthy. The only time I really have to work out is either early in the morning before Hunter wakes up or at night after he's in bed and I'm not going to do that outside in the dark or spend lots of money on a gym membership so hopefully this will work better for me. 

3.Hunter has gotten into a habit of yelling mine and Kristian's first names if we don't immediately respond to his calls of "mama" or "daddy". It's part hysterical and part annoying. I really didn't expect this until his teenage years. I keep telling him that he is to call me Mama or Mommy.

4. I haven't really watched American Idol the past few years, I couldn't stand the judges. I swear if I heard Randy say 'You're in it to win it dawg" one more time I would lose my mind. But I did tune in on Wednesday night to watch because I actually like J.Lo and I love Harry Connick Jr. I thought it was pretty good so I may try watching more this year but I don't think I will catch every episode. I'm just glad they got rid of that awful Nicki Minaj, she was just terrible and in my opinion had no right to critique anybody.

5. Both my mother and mother-in-law have a birthday the last week of January and I have no idea what to get either of them. It's hard enough shopping for them for Christmas and then a month later have to figure out something to get each of them.


Shannon said...

I think it is hysterical that Hunter uses your first names to get your attention. But if it was Taylor, I'd totally get the annoying part.

So I'll just chuckle from afar.

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

the ONLY time i can workout is in the morning. there is NO WAY after a hell day at work i'm doing anything but taking my pants off and drinking wine and relaxing.

Vodka and Soda

princess apr said...

Laura never went through the first name phase. She likes to know our first names, but she's never really used them. She tried "Mom" instead of "Mommy" or "Mama" this week and got such a funny look on her face.

My MIL is January, my FIL and mom are February. I'm stumped. I let Laura pick out my MIL's gift so that was taken off my plate.

Ugh, weight. I'm so excited to be having a Spring baby and then going right into the summer pool weather. NOT. My bathing suit is control so that's helped so hopefully that'll fit and I get back to my usual size give or take as quickly as I did the first time. The fact I get to take the baby on walks after he's born should help versus being stuck inside in the cold like last time. I hope to take advantage of that.

Stephanie said...

How awesome to get a free treadmill. I have been searching Craiglist and local garage sale sites for a good deal on one.
As you know, I just love me some Harry so this year I can watch AI for the first time since Carrie Underwood won.
Enjoy your weekend!

Heather said...

I always get sucked into American Idol every year, but I'm especially liking it this time around with this particular panel of judges. Have a great weekend!

Nat said...

That's too funny that Hunter is calling you and your husband by your first names!! My niece will only refer to my mother in law as Debbie even though all the other grandkids call her grandmom- its hysterical! So glad he got to move to the big kids room and is loving it!

B @ The Sequin Notebook said...

I haven't watched Idol in years but came across an episode the other night and really liked the new judges panel so I may give it a shot. Also, I love the name of your blog (I found you through the link-up) - as someone still dealing with Match, it's inspiring to hear a success story!

Venassa said...

Hah.. that's too funny that he calls you by name to get your attention. The first time Chloe referred to me by name I was caught totally offguard. I think it's really cute as long as it doesn't happen all the time. I like to be mommy.
Good luck figuring out the birthday presents. My mom's is coming up really soon too.