Wednesday, January 8, 2014


This week I'm saying So What if:

-I think it's a bit silly that schools were closed yesterday for cold. I realize we live in VA and aren't used to this but it's not FL. Kids do have coats, hats, gloves etc. It's called layering and if you are really that worried about your kid standing outside for the bus then drive them to school or keep them home. That's your choice. Schools were open today and it felt the same outside to me as yesterday did. 

-I don't get the whole "my word for the year is _____". It just seems silly and pointless to me. Just make a resolution like everyone else. More than likely you won't keep it anyways. 

-I was so happy that Kristian actually wanted to watch The Bachelor with me last night (I DVR'd it). He likes watching all the crazy chicks and it's funny to gets a guys take on all the girls and their behavior. 

-I was incredibly annoyed that 3 items I ordered from Amazon Prime for Hunters birthday party a week in advance (Prime is supposed to deliver in 2 days) didn't arrive in time for his party due to the weather. We made due just fine without them and now I can send the items back for a refund which is nice but it was still frustrating. 

-We still haven't fully cleaned up and put everything away from Hunters birthday party over the weekend. I just didn't have the energy on Sunday and now that I'm back at work I"m too tired in the evenings. Maybe this weekend we'll get our house back in order.

-I'm not planning on having any more of Hunters birthday parties at our house for several years, from now on we will do places like Chuck E Cheese or bowling or indoor activity centers where all we really need to do is bring the cake and goody bags. I've enjoyed doing his last two parties at the house with a fun theme but it is a lot of work and expensive and I think as he gets older he will enjoy going to fun places with his buddies more.

-All the stuff I had planned to do around the house during my two weeks at home didn't get done. Between the holidays and Hunters birthday and party the time just flew and I had other stuff to do or places to go everyday. Oh well. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

i had kayla's 4th birthday at our house and NEVER AGAIN. it was so much work and so much stress and the clean up ...ugh, i can't even. so i would much rather pay for that shit and bring the cake and food and let them deal with everything else.

Vodka and Soda

Ann said...

I am so with you on the why are schools closed thing?!?! Cra Cra!!! But I have one even better that that...apparently people I work with though they should be allowed to stay home and work because it was too cold?!?!?! Seriously people?!? Are we not adults that drive into work and park in a parking lot that is 50 feet from our cubicle walls?!?! Such a joke!!! No-one is asking you to jog to work or walk without a coat for Pete's sake!!!! LAZY LAZY LAZY! In a perfect world...they would not get paid!

Stephanie said...

We had a big party for Connor this year for his 1st but I can tell you from now on, we are going to do something small and if I can do it somewhere other than our house, I'm going to.

Cheryl Enlow said...

Well that is good to know about Prime I just subscribed and will make sure I order several days in advance this time of year.

princess apr said...

I ordered stuff from Amazon Prime. I got them in time, but my order was wrong. You roll with the punches. It came through huge for Christmas at least.

We have had all of Laura's parties at home (in out community room anyway). It's not that expensive because I reuse all the decorations and games because it's a continuous Halloween party. I just do new goody bags and the food costs.

The big problem was with the buses in the cold. The diesel buses do not heat well enough or won't turn over in the bitter, extreme cold. I think most could have delayed versus cancelled like Arlington, but maybe it's different by county. We're lucky that Arlington rarely cancels (or not lucky depending on the viewpoint, I suppose).

I started putting Christmas stuff away. We'll be mostly packaged up by this weekend and done by Monday night when Rob is home from Vegas. I've been slow this year. Laziness, procrastination and I had some off days where I just needed to sleep have postponed being as efficient as I usually am. Plus, baby anxiety has hit and I've just decided to do nothing but fret (definitely not helpful).

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

I don't live there anymore so I didn't feel the cold for myself but the school thing surprised me too. And I'm with you on the out-of-the-house birthday parties. One day it struck me that every single one we are invited to is not at the host's house... these people must know something I haven't figured out yet!

Shannon said...

I may be a bad mom, but I let taylor go outside for 20 mins with my husband to clean the driveway. I bundled her up really well and she loved it.

It was good for her, good for me (a few minutes of freedom) and she didn't die in the cold weather.


Fiona said...

Oh no, how frustrating about the things not making it from amazon prime on time. Glad you can get a refund!

My husband will watch the Bachelor with me too and it makes me happy :) He likes to make fun of it and I just fully love it.. I have to admit! ;) So excited about this season!!