Thursday, February 18, 2016

Getting pregnant with #2

The road to baby #2 was not nearly as quick and easy as it was with baby #1. With Hunter I was fortunate to get pregnant pretty much the first cycle we tried/didn't prevent. Despite it happening so quickly with him I really didn't expect the same for the second, however, I also didn't expect it to be as long of a process.

I decided to get off birth control right before Hunter turned 2. I really wanted about a 3ish year age gap and figured even if it took a few months that timing would work out well. I gave my body a few months to get all the hormones from the birth control out of my system but by January I figured any time would be great. Well thanks to my crazy, long, irregular cycle things didn't happen as quickly as I had hoped. In fact, at one point it had been about 4 months without a period or ovulation (which I knew from temping and tracking my cycles) and finally my doctor decided to induce my period. A couple weeks after my induced period, in early December of 2014 I got pregnant again! Sadly, about 2 weeks after I found out I was pregnant I had a miscarriage, the day before Hunter's 3rd birthday.

Fortunately my doctor didn't see any reason why I shouldn't try again and we decided after a few months if I wasn't pregnant again I would do some tests and maybe move onto medication (which I was hesitant to do). Well after a few months I was not pregnant again and my doctor decided to run some tests including an ultrasound to check for any cysts or blockage. Fortunately all my tests came back normal so we couldn't really determine why I wasn't ovulating normally or getting pregnant.

After a lot of thought and discussions with a very hesitant husband I decided I would try Clomid. Well in order for that to happen my husband also had to be tested (which he was less than thrilled about) but thankfully all of his tests came back normal. So after another never-ending cycle I took medicine to induce my period once again and start my first round of Clomid which was July 2015.

Thanks to the Clomid I did ovulate on a pretty normal schedule, anywhere from day 18-20 of my cycle. However, I still wasn't getting pregnant. On my fifth round which started in November of 2015 my ovulation was late once again. During this time I had my annual checkup with my OBGYN and told her I was late ovulating. She said sometimes the Clomid doesn't work and to give it a couple more weeks and we could induce my period again and try one last round (they only allow 6 rounds) and we could up the dosage for the last round. Well FINALLY on day 34 I ovulated and two weeks later saw the two little lines I had been praying and waiting to see! As it turns out from talking to my doctor, given how long it took me to ovulate the last cycle she doesn't think the Clomid actually worked and I finally just ovulated on my own, go figure!

Even though it was a long and often frustrating process I do believe everything happens when it's supposed to. And though the age gap is a bit bigger than I had hoped for I do like the fact that Hunter is now at an age where he's not only pretty independent but can help us out quite a bit. I don't know if I could handle 2 under 2 or even just having 2 in diapers at the same time.


Angie said...

YAY Congrats! :)

DanielleWoods91711 said...

I'm so thrilled for you guys! We are trying right now and it's a pain in the butt! My husband is working 3 (and living) three hours away until September. So we have to try and time everything with his visits home and that doesn't always work with his work schedule. I'll continue to pray for a safe and healthy pregnancy/ delivery! Big hugs!

Lacey Bean said...

I'm so glad it finally worked for you guys! Dave and I haven't been actively trying, but we haven't been preventing it. So we'll see!

K said...

SO SO excited for you both! You've been on my mind for some reason lately, and I was wondering how you were doing. Your last blog post briefly mentioned trying to get pregnant, so I think that's why it stuck in my head. SO excited to hear all about this! I know how bad you have wanted it for so long!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm so happy for you! XOXO

princess apr said...

Good luck! What a reward for all the patience and endurance.

We were pretty lucky both times. I didn't want less than 4 years apart because I wanted #1 to be potty trained and in school full time but also no double tuition when college hit. Then, we just kept putting it off. I'm kind of glad because they are fast friends and are very manageable. #1 does so much helping and is really self-sufficient on her own so it's very little additional work - just a lot of extra stuff. The only negative is we had to repurchase a lot for a different gender and for the gap in age even though we kept quite a bit from the original go around.

My biggest challenge was telling work 3 months after I started that I was going to be on maternity leave before my 1 year anniversary (luckily, they're awesome).

Can't wait to follow the journey with you! I have 2 maternity skirts that I forgot to donate if you're looking for clothes. I can send them if you'd like. *g*

Venassa said...

Sorry to hear it was such a long process for you but congrats on it finally happening! We were actually hoping for a decent age gap between our children and now that I'm newly pregnant with #2, they should be almost exactly 5 years apart. After my first being an oopsie baby, I took us a few months for this one. I'm excited to know of someone who was pregnant for the first at the same time as me and now with the second as well (If you even remember me from way back when). I blog and read blogs on and off :p