Wednesday, December 11, 2013


This week I'm saying So What if:

-We gave Hunter an early Christmas present yesterday. It was a gift from one of Kristian's coworkers and we were hoping if we told him Santa brought him a present early because he's been so good it would make him a bit less terrified of Santa. I really want to take him to the mall this weekend for pictures with Santa. 

-I only let Hunter play outside in the snow/slush for about 15 minutes yesterday. He immediately found a mud puddle to jump in and got soaking wet and dirty. So I let him have some fun and then back inside to the warmth we went. 

-I only tried on two dresses this past weekend before making a decision on which bridesmaid dress I wanted for my brothers wedding. All the bridesmaids got to pick their own dress and I loved the second one I put on so I didn't feel the need to keep trying on more. The store owner said we were the easiest bridesmaid group she ever had. No one was super picky or difficult. 

-I've been wishing more and more I could just be a stay at home mom. Work has been so stressful and frustrating the past few months. But on the weekends or snow days when I get to stay home with my little guy I find that I'm much happier and relaxed. Unfortunately it's not an option right now for financial reasons. Not to mention we all get insurance through my job.

-I really haven't done much to prepare for Hunters birthday party which is less than a month away. Fortunately I have off the two weeks leading up to it so I figure that's when I will do most of the planning. 

-I haven't mailed out my Christmas cards yet (hopefully by tomorrow) and that I'm not sending out very many. Just to family and a few close friends. The last few years I sent out a ton, which is expensive, but didn't get many. So I figured this year I would save my money and only send cards to those that have sent to me in the past. Immature? Probably.

-I'm so sick of chocolate. This time of year we have a ton in our office from vendors and clients and after a while it just grosses me out. 


Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

we gave kayla one of her presents early too because i knew she'd love was a my little pony shirt and she wore that thign for like, 4 days straight and we fought about letting me wash it between wears.

Vodka and Soda

Shannon said...

Oh, I hope it works and H likes Santa. But even if not, screaming Santa photos just happen to be my favorite! ;)

Heather said...

I totally hear you about the cards. We also cut back on our card list this year, because I got tired of spending the time and money sending cards to people we either don't get cards from or never talk to. I might cut it back even a bit further next year.

Kathryn said...

I never thought if agree on this but I am sick of chocolate too right now! Also been back and forth on Holiday cards and am leaning more towards not sending them out this year....also I will say I love staying home with the girls but financially it's a strain some months to make it work :( I think there's pros and cons to both and some days wish I could experience the working side just to see which one I think is easier! At least if you do decide and get to stay home one day you will know what it's like working too :)

Vanessa Miller said...

I'm only sending my cards out tomorrow too. I like to send them closer to Christmas. I'm thinking about scaling back my list next year too. People don't really send us too many cards either so why should I?!

Hilary @ Peanut Butter Spoonfuls said...

Early presents are the way to go. Kids that age can't possibly enjoy them all at once so why not spread it out?? Can't wait to see some Santa pics!