Monday, December 16, 2013

As expected

Even though we already took Hunter to see Santa a couple weeks ago with my friend and her children I really wanted a picture of Hunter alone with Santa, especially since in the first photo from earlier this winter his head was turned and you couldn't really see his face.

I pretty much expected another photo of him screaming and to be honest I kind of hoped for that. I think those photos are hysterical and almost a rite of passage to have at least one of them during childhood. If that makes me a mean mom so be it. It's not like he'll remember this anyway.

So we went to the mall Sunday morning and got there 15 minutes before Santa arrived. There was already a decent line so Kristian and I took turns take Hunter around the play area to entertain him while the other person held the spot in line. We also stuffed him full of pretzels from Auntie's Anne to keep him happy.

He loved the ride-on cars and trucks, even though I didn't put any money in to turn them on. He didn't know any different.

He threw a fit when we left this area.
After close to an hour it was our turn. I stood behind the photographer to try to not only get his attention but to get my own photo while Kristian put him in Santa's lap. He started crying before he even sat down and was there long enough to snap a couple photos. But we got the shot I had hoped for and both felt it was worth the hour wait.

If this doesn't scream Merry Christmas I don't know what does!
Poor kid was pretty upset but we kept giving him pretzels to try to cheer him up and I think by the time he woke up from his nap later that afternoon he had forgotten all about his traumatizing morning.
Hopefully next year he'll be more pro-Santa and actually give a smile.


Jamie said...

Hahaha. I love it.

Brittany said...

haha so cute!!

Shannon said...

Hahaha - you're right. It definitely is a rite of passage! :)

Kathy @ Vodka and Soda said...

these pictures are a rite of passage!!! when he's around 4 or 5, he'll be smiling at santa instead of acting like he's a leper LOL

Vodka and Soda

Venassa said...

We haven't gone yet but I'm expecting the same shot. Last year she wouldn't go near him unless I sat with her. She fought for dear life to get away. She saw him at her daycare party on Friday, but didn't sit on his lap and seemed very uncomfortable when he came close to her to give her a candy cane, until she realized it was candy. The joys of toddlers and santa.

princess apr said...

It is all in the timing. We only got the one crying Santa picture, but it is my favorite. I always feel a little mean laughing at them. :)

Fiona said...

hahah oh this photo cracks me up!!! :) Perfect Santa photo! Glad he at least enjoyed the cars.