Thursday, March 7, 2013

Snow Day 2013

We haven't gotten a decent snow storm in about 2 years. We've had a few very minor snow "storms" but nothing that produced anything significant. Hunter has two snowsuits that he's already outgrown that never even had the tags removed. So when I heard we would be getting anywhere from 3-10 inches yesterday I was psyched.

Well the "snowquester", like most snowstorms in the DC area, turned out to be a big letdown. Yes we did get a few inches where I lived but many people just saw rain. The few inches we got were the wet, heavy, notveryfuntoplayin type of snow but I was determined to get Hunter in his new, big boy snowsuit and go out to get a few pictures play.

Fortunately I was able to telework so I got to spend the day with my little dude in between answering work emails. We started the day with some snuggles in bed.
Followed by Hunter checking out all the white stuff outside.

We had a couple inches early on in the day.
Hunter is finally starting to enjoy cartoons and will actually sit and watch them for probably 10 minutes tops but I'll take those 10 minutes of snuggling when I can.

Finally, after Kristian got home from work and Hunter woke up from his nap, I bundled him up in the snowsuit my inlaws bought him for Christmas. Fortunately it's 24 month size so hopefully it will still fit next winter. I think it took longer to get him dressed than we actually stayed outside for.

I don't know if it was the bulkiness of the snowsuit or the wet snow itself but Hunter did NOT want to stand or walk or even sit in the snow.

But I managed a few cute photos. Pardon the pacifier, he screamed bloody murder when I tried to take it away. I guess he needed a safety blanket so to speak.

Yep that's what happened when I took the paci away.

Daddy snuck in for a quite photo as well.

We gave Hunter a little snow to eat and after the initial confusion over the cold he wanted more.

Unlike Hunter, Moxie loved running around in the snow. She had a blast but I wasn't fond of the wet dog smell that lingered on her the rest of the day.

When we came back inside I had to get some more work done so my boys took a nap in the basement next to the fire for an HOUR! I was actually pretty jealous. Hunter never naps like this with me, only daddy.

Despite not getting as much snow as they predicted we made the best of the snow day at home together which I had been wishing for all winter.


K said...

Glad you had such a fun day in the snow! We were supposed to get a lot, but haven't seen it yet.

Stephanie said...

Your snow day sounds like a lot of fun! Chloe didn't enjoy the snow the first time we took her out all bundled up either, but the second time she had less clothes on and the snow was starting to melt - she seemed to enjoy it more. A nap by the fire sounds perfect!

Lauren E said...

I LOVE these pictures! I'm so jealous that you guys got a snow day. I was all ready to leave work early and get B all dressed in her snow suit to go outside and we only got rain all day. Boooo. Guess we will have to wait for next winter!

Fiona said...

This sounds like such a perfect snow day of fun with your family!! :) I love the photos of him all bundled up in his snow suit. He is adorable!! I can see why it might have been hard to walk or stand though. Can't wait until the day Lids gets to play in the snow.

Nat said...

Glad you got to enjoy some snow! All we got was rain, all day cold rain I was so angry- there was so much hype I was ready for a blizzard!

Nessa said...

Aww that nap picture is the sweetest thing ever! I love sleeping baby cuddles.
We get tons of snow here but I've still only taken Chloe out once.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

I'm glad you had a fun snow day!