Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Weekend Photo Dump

My kid has a new found obsession with brooms. He loves ours and at our last playdate with my friend Kelli he wouldn't put down her sons toy broom. After hearing this my mom decided to buy Hunter his own toy broom/dust pan set. I gave it to him on Sunday morning and he literally squealed with excitement.
Please pardon the mis matched jammies, we had a poop incident right before this photo.

I hope he continues to be this excited to see a broom in a few years when this is one of his chores.
I felt pretty crappy all weekend but on Sunday pulled myself together long enough go with Kristian and Hunter to the park and enjoy the beautiful weather we were having. Spring was definitely in the air. This kid LOVES being outside and LOVES the park. He only wanted to stay in the swing for a short time because he had places to go and things to explore.

Umm why do you look like a 5 year old?!

Think he's excited to be outside?! Nope, not at all.

Ooooh dirt!

Look Ma, I can throw the dirt! Typical Boy.

Shadow family.
When we got back to the house we decided to drop Moxie off and grab Halpert who always desperately wants to go outside. So we took the cat on a little nature walk in the woods behind our house. He actually will follow us up and down the path without a leash and without any issues. He's actually better behaved than the dog.

Once again yesterday morning as soon as I brought Hunter downstairs he immediately went for his toy broom. Obsessed is an understatement. And of course he threw a fit when I refused to let him bring it to daycare. I know. I'm a horrible mother.

Check out the video below. He's a natural.



Nat said...

Let's hope he keeps up that broom love for a few more years and it can be his household chore!!
It was so gorgeous this weekend- I'm hoping the warm weather sticks around for good

Nessa said...

I really wish we'd get sweater weather around here! I'd love to take the girls outside but it's so muddy and cold. Chloe's a big broom fan too. It's adorable.

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

It looks like he has a new favorite toy!!!

princess apr said...

Aw. Ours had a toy vacuum even though she hated the real one. My nephew used to dust. We put little socks on his hands and he'd go around dusting.

That is hilarious that you take Halpert out for walks. What a good kitty kitty.

Stephanie said...

Hunter and Smith could run a cleaning company! They are naturals with a broom and vacuum.

Brittany said...

That is so funny that he loves the broom!!