Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Playdates and Wagon Rides

We had a very full and fun filled weekend.
On Friday night, we found the snuggie that my inlaws had bought for Moxie and decided to see if it would fit Halpert. It did. He was less than pleased. But he does look damn cute.

Friday afternoon Kristian took Hunter to the doctor to get a note saying that the diarrhea poops he keeps having are teething related and unless he has other symptoms he does not need to be sent home from daycare. This is now in his file and will hopefully cut down on the number of times he's being sent home early. When I got home I saw my child dressed like this. Kristian has a bad habit of forgetting to button the onesie before putting the pants back on after diaper changes. Whatever works right? 
On Saturday I got to visit one of my oldest friends Kelli who has a 2 1/2 year old little boy. Ryan and Hunter did very well playing together and only had a few instances of not wanting to share toys. Oh and Kelli's basement is huge and basically looks like daycare so Hunter had a blast.

For some reason of all the toys in the basement Hunter was obsessed with a toy broom. He also loves our broom at home. He's weird.

When Kelli and I met at the age of 12 I never envisioned seeing our little boys playing together in the future. Love it.
On Sunday, we had a nice family day of running errands in the morning and then in the afternoon, despite the chilly weather, took Hunter and Moxie on a long walk in the wagon. We put two pillows in the wagon for Hunter to sit on and put a warm blanket over both he and Moxie. They loved it. I foresee many wagon rides as the weather warms up.

At one point, Hunter pulled the blanket down and started petting/patting Moxie. And my heart basically exploded.

When Kristian started to quickly pull the wagon down a hill, Moxie got scared and jumped out but Hunter loved it.
We then dropped the wagon off at home and went for a little walk in the woods behind our house. Hunter loves the woods as much as his daddy does. They will be having lots of adventures together in the future.

We are supposed to get anywhere from 3-8 inches of snow tonight and tomorrow and for our area that's a LOT. I'm so excited about a possible snow day at home with my little family tomorrow. Expect lots of snow pictures later this week.


Fiona said...

I am glad you were able to get a note for Hunter to avoid all those daycare calls. Good idea! I just love the photos of him in the wagon... so cozy!! And you look great :) How wonderful that you and your friend now both have little boys of a similar age to grow up together. Her basement sure looks like fun!!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We LOVE our wagon! It's not something I would have ever thought to buy, but we got one as a gift for Jamie's first birthday and now I could imagine not having one!

Good luck with the snow. I'm so over it!

HickChickBritt said...

Haha we purposely put Hayes's pants like that, then they don't fall down and he can't take them off. We usually only do it with comfy pants though. Props to Kristian for actually changing Hunter, Chris will not! haha

Brittney said...

Emily loves the broom too...

Stephanie said...

I have told James a million times I want to get Connor a wagon. He is a bit young still but I am looking forward to warm weather and wagon rides.

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