Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Hanging Up

Over the past few weeks I've been making some small changes/updates to the decor in various rooms. Most of these changes involve the hanging of a new picture or new curtains. Small, relatively inexpensive changes that, in my opinion really add to the room.

One of the changes I had been wanting for a while was new bedding. I was sick to death of our old duvet cover and our sheets were literally getting holes in them. So I finally went ahead and ordered new sheets (color = stone) and a new duvet cover/pillow shams from Overstock. The duvet and shams have very light grey lines which I thought worked well with our grey walls. **Our walls are grey but the color is not showing well at all in these photos.** 
*We are still deciding on what to put above the bed*
I also decided to finally update our curtains since I really didn't like our old ones, especially after we painted the room. The grey from the curtains blended in with the grey color on the walls. So I decided to get lighter curtains (from IKEA) which would show up better against the grey walls. I'll be honest, they don't keep the sun out for shit but since we're usually up before the sun rises (thanks to our work schedules and our son) it doesn't really matter.

I think the white bedding and curtains helps lighten up the room against the grey walls and black furniture.

Here's a close up of the curtains. It has silver, grey, tan and black lines through it.
Most of our walls are still pretty bare, even after two years. We've had a hard time deciding what photos/artwork to hang. But we finally did hang one thing, on our wall next to the window. I bought this wood frame and letters, to create our monogram, from Michaels and had Kristian spray paint everything black. I like that the wall color is the background. I think having our monogram helps personalize "our" space a bit more.

*Yes I realize the S is upside down. I'm waiting for Kristian to fix it*
*Also, the frame isn't hung crooked, I took a crooked photo. Basically I suck at taking pictures*
In addition to our room we also hung a canvas photo in Hunters room. Believe it or not this is the first canvas print I've ever bought and hung in my house. I waited for a sale and got a great deal on this and I think it's the perfect addition to his room.

*This is one of my favorite photos from our family shoot this past fall. And also the photo used in my header.*
Here is the updated corner of his bedroom. I love that the background of the photo has trees in it which I think works well on Hunters "tree wall".  We also added this white storage cabinet, which use to be in our pre-renovated kitchen. It now holds his toys.

And last but not least, we FINALLY framed and hung a map of St. Lucia that we bought on our honeymoon almost THREE years ago! In fairness we couldn't find the print after we moved and Kristian stumbled upon it when going through the basement a few months back. We had to get a custom frame done since it's an odd size (and that ain't cheap FYI). We decided to hang it in our now renovated half bathroom downstairs since it has a bit of a beachy theme to it.

It's amazing to me how a few little changes and additions can really enhance a room. I just love our little updates. Now I just a need a money fairy so that I can keep making changes around the house.


The Hudack Family said...

I actually just ordered my first canvas also after we did Savannah's 1 year pictures and love it but now can't decide where to hang it. I also love the map of St. Lucia. We honeymooned there also and I totally wish I'd have thought of buying a map.

Kristen Lawlor said...

Looks awesome!!!!

K said...

Hey girl! Trying to send you an e-mail back, but it's a no-reply blogger. Just wanted to let you know.

The bedroom looks great!!!

Stephanie said...

I love the little additions you've added. It's the small details that tie everything together.

Lexilooo said...

Love the O-N-E photo of H! What a fun idea, and too cute!

Fiona said...

It all looks great!! I really want to get a canvas print of our family but first I need a decent picture of the 3 of us!! :/ Love your one! :)

Lexie Loo, Lily Boo, and Dylan Too! said...

Everything looks great!

Ashley said...

Love all the changes!! Great job!!

Nat said...

Looks great! It took us forever to hang up pictures, art, etc in our old house so who knows when we'll do it in this new one.

Meagan said...

Love the bedding and curtains in your room and the nursery and the pictures are so cute! I love the thre pictures of him holding the letters o-n-e!