Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So What!

Linking up with Shannon again for another So What Wednesday!

So What if:

-My kid dresses better than I do. In a few years I won't have much say over what he wears I better enjoy dressing him while I can.

-On the same note--if I can't ever make it out of Target without buying Hunter a new outfit.

-If I get anxiety when my DVR gets more than 50% full.

-Reading other people's pregnancy blogs makes me miss being pregnant (still no more babies for a while though!!)

-I finally joined Twitter. Apparently blogs, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest weren't enough of a distraction. I'm so 2009!

-Our wedding anniversary is next week and we still don't have any plans lined up to celebrate.

-I still have a little belly pooch for bathing suit season. I made a person.



Shannon Dew said...

KP looks way better than me 90% of the time! unless we leave the house I don't get "dressed" but even in her lounge clothes she's cute, not me!

Marian said...

I am the same way with DVR! Seriously, having a panic attack right now because we have 27% space remaining. EEEKKSS! And you'll have to let me know your Twitter handle! I go through phases, I'll love it for a few weeks then not check in then go back to being obsessed. Sigh!

Brittney said...

I'm pretty sure that "I made a person" is going to be my mantra all summer long! lol

Stephanie said...

I am not a fan of bathing suits, never have been BUT I have decided when we head to the beach this summer, I'm going to work in in my maternity bathing suit. After all, I'm making a person! ;)

princess apr said...

Ugh. I found 2 bathing suits that I bought that don't make me hate myself. I had to order them full price because I let the others pass because of my cheapness though.

What's your Twitter handle? I'm princessapr. No shocker there. I'm a boring tweeter though - mostly the occasional retweet and photos of the kid.

Anonymous said...

I'm struggling to find a maternity bathing suit right now...I'm at that point where I have a small pooch, but no defined bump so most maternity suits look ridiculous on me. I only want to buy one for the summer though. Someone should make a line for early pregnant/post partum-still-getting-the-bod-back crowd.

Karen said...

I'm the same way when I go to Target! Oh, and I hate when my DVR is over 50%. I feel overwhelmed that I'll never catch up.

Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

I tell myself every time I go into Target to just not walk by the toddler section, but every time it sucks me right in and I cannot RESIST.

Do I know you are on Twitter? Having a small brain fart, but I'll check on it.

And I'm still rocking a pooch too, but I may do the bikini next weekend anyway. Like you said - we made people!

Amy Holmes Hottel said...

I totally with you on the DVR front. From the comments I feel like I am not alone. The hubs does not understand.

Both my kids look better than me daily. The only times they don't is when daddy dresses them.

On another note.... My hubs and I met via match too! and in Northern VA. We left when we got preggo trying to find a calmer (cheaper) life, but I miss it. We might to chat to get your thoughts as I think about coming back.

Heather said...

I swear, every time I go into Target, I always end up buying tons of stuff that isn't on my list! I love looking at the cute baby clothes and thinking about what I'll buy when we have a little one someday.

Brandy said...

Totally feel you on the baby pooch. I think we need a T-shirt that says "I made a person. What did you do?"

Holly said...

yes, you made a person!!! dont worry about that lil pooch at all. plus, thats what rouching is for :)

Nessa said...

My kid definitely dresses a lot better than me. That's one of my favorite perks about having a baby :p
I used to feel the same way about my DVR until it stopped working altogether, but that was years ago and I don't even bother with cable anymore.

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

So happy you finally joined Twitter!