Wednesday, May 2, 2012

About Me

I've noticed over the past couple of months I've been getting comments from new readers (which by the way I love). Hi New Readers *waves*. So I thought now would be a good time to do a little getting to know me post for those that are new around these parts. So here are some fun, random and basic facts about yours truly.

-My first name is Shannon. Middle Name is Elizabeth, which was my maternal grandmothers middle name. Had I been born a boy my name would have been Phillip.

-I met my husband Kristian via (hence the name of the blog) which I had been on and off of for about 3 years and gone on countless dates. I was his third date off the site. Lucky number 3!

-He proposed almost 6 months after our first date. He bought the diamond for my engagement ring 3 months after our first date. Guess he wasn't lying when he said it was love at first site.

-I went to East Carolina University (Go Pirates!) and was a member of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority all four years. Yes I bought my friends and they (most of them at least) were worth every penny.

-My 32nd birthday (umm when did I get so old??) is in 10 days. I was born the day after Mother's Day. My mom always reminds me that I ruined her Mother's Day dinner that year due to labor pains. I think I was worth it!

-My second wedding anniversary is in 20 days. I decided instead of having a big 30th birthday party two years ago I would have a wedding instead.

-I have a 4 month old son named Hunter. We named him Hunter because my husband loves to fish and hunt. And no, if we have another boy his name will NOT be Fisher.

-I always envisioned having a daughter (and still hope to one day) but I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE having a little boy. He's my little buddy and a total mama's boy.

-I love watching bad reality t.v. shows (basically anything on Bravo) and following celebrity gossip.

-I named my cat Halpert after Jim Halpert from The Office who was my fictional t.v. boyfriend at the time. The name actually fits him perfectly.

-I consider my mom to be one of my best friends. I'm also really close to my mother-in-law and won the jackpot in the in-law lottery.

-I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up.


Anonymous said...

"I'm still trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up."

Aren't we all?! ;)

Heather said...

Great post! I also consider my mom to be one of my best friends and lucked out with awesome in-laws.

Laura said...

I LOVE bad reality tv shows as well- i'm obsessed with BRAVO, your son is the cutest thing ever - I always imagine me with a little girl one day..but I know if and when I have a boy - I'll feel the same way you do.

Erin said...

Oh what a fun post! :) I met my new-ish boyfriend on! (Also in Northern Virginia!) It is great to hear about success stories from online dating! :) And I love "get to know you" posts!

aahager said...

I also met my now fiancé on We got engaged almost 6 months later and he bought the ring a few months into dating!

beka said...

Loved this!

Halpert is a great name for a cat!

Kristen at First Name Smith said...

I had no idea about any of this! ;)

AmyJean {Relentless Bride / Fry, The Baby} said...

I didn't even think of the name Fisher - its pretty cute name! I've been reading for a while now, but its nice to get to know you better with this post :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

I also love reality t.v. and anything on bravo! It's so addicting! :) That's wonderful you're so close with your mom and MIL. I wish I was :(

If I am not around your blog around the time of your anniversary, happy 2nd anniversary! :)