Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Nursery Update

Four months after Hunter's birth and we finally have the finishing touches on the nursery, at least for now. Obviously as he grows up and gets older we'll have to change things out but for the time being at least I consider it complete. As a refresher you can see the pictures I posted of the nursery prior to his arrival in THIS post. It pretty much looks the same as it did back then, however we have now installed the ceiling fan which we bought about 6 months ago (we needed to have the ceiling wired for a light which was the hold up) and we have finally added his name and pictures to the wall where his dresser/changing table sits.

First up is the ceiling fan/light we had installed. We have a little table lamp that we've been using but it doesn't give off much light. Also, with the afternoon sun Hunter's room can get really hot and stuffy so we knew a fan would be imperative. We bought this one back in November at Home Depot but since we needed someone who could wire the ceiling for electricity it's taken some time to get it installed. But I absolutely love it! It matches the furniture, has multiple speeds, adds the much needed light and Hunter loves staring up at it. 
You can also see that on the wall next to the window there is now a Pinocchio clock that my mom and brother brought back from Germany, such a cute little touch.

Below is the wall that had been left empty prior to his arrival. I had decorated the letters spelling his name before he was born but since we were keeping his name a secret we didn't hang them up until later. There is still room to add more pictures or prints as time goes on but for now I'm happy with what we have hanging there.

I saw this idea on Pinterest (I'm a tad obsessed with Pinterest) about how to display your child's artwork and since Hunter's daycare has them do an art project (i.e. fingerpainting) once a month I thought this would be perfect. They take a picture of each child painting and hang it along with the art on their bulletin board and then give it to the parents once they have a new project to hang. Here is the first one he did when he was only two months old. I plan to switch them out as we get new ones.

Here's a closer shot of the letters I decorated to spell his name. I bought plain wood letters and wood backers from Walmart. I painted the letters brown and the backers white. Then I used scrapbook paper from Michael's and Modge Podge to affix the paper to the backer. And yes I realize some of the letters are crooked, I blame the wall hangers we have right now, I plan to get new ones.

I also bought that canvas at Babies R Us and used the paints included to put Kristian, mine and Hunter's hand prints. We did this when he was just over 3 months old.

Here is a little collage of prints and pictures which I plan to keep adding to as time goes on. I have the name print that my girl Kristen from Little Laws Prints made as well as a little print I made using the quote that keeps floating around Pinterest:

"No one else will ever know the strength of my love for you. After all, you're the only one that knows what my heart sounds like from the inside"

I also added a few photos- a newborn photo of Kristian and Hunter and Me and Hunter, a photo of our hands stacked on top of each other and his 3 Month picture (I plan to switch this out each month).

As I mentioned the room will continue to evolve and change as Hunter gets older but for now I'm really happy with how we've decorated it. It still continues to be my favorite room and Hunter is really enjoying staring at everything on the walls when I'm changing him and getting him dressed. 


Melissa at Tall Blonde said...

Adorable! Love all the little details, but especially the art work. What a cute idea :)

Heather said...

Everything looks great! I love the artwork and hand prints.

Lexilooo said...

Cute idea, posting his artwork! Pinterest is just the most brilliant thing!

princess apr said...

Adorable! Kids LOVE ceiling fans. We don't have one, but it was always a godsend at my parents' or sister's house.

The Hudack Family said...

Everything looks really good. And don't feel bad about just finishing his room. I still have a few things I want to add to Savannah's room. It was had to figure it all out before she was here but now I'm like oh I need this or want to change that.

Nessa said...

I love the idea of hanging his art in a frame. Too cute! I love that the daycare even takes a picture of him creating it.

Holly said...

so cute!

and to answer your question, i think we might say our boy's name before he is born but we are 100000 miles away from choosing a name. i had a ton of girl names picked out but no boy names, they seem so much harder!!