Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas All Around Us

This past Sunday night we got motivated and decorated for Christmas. Actually I got motivated...Kristian was hungover and feeling like death. I made him a deal that if he got all the decorations out of storage I would put everything up.

It's a little bittersweet knowing it's our last Christmas in our condo so I really wanted to make the place look nice.

Here's the centerpiece I put together for our dining room table. All courtesy of the Dollar Store.

Our mantle decorations. This time of year I absolutely LOVE having a fireplace. It really adds to the Christmasy vibe.

The two stockings in the middle are Kristian and mine. My aunt crocheted my Mary Jane stocking when I was a little girl and last year she made one for Kristian using the hunting/fishing theme. Our fur children also each have a stocking.

This picture is a bit dark but to the right of the fireplace we have our mini "cat" tree with our "#1 cat" pillows next to it.

We received this vase and these candlesticks for the wedding. I put some faux flowers in to spruce things up.

My other aunt made this wreath for me a few years back.

Here are some more decorations on our end table.

And of course the TREE!!

Most of our ornaments were passed down to me from my mother so they are the ones I grew up with.  I prefer using ornaments with some kind of history or meaning rather than just plain, generic ones. Below are two ornaments my mom gave us last year with our names on it above the 2007 White House Christmas ornament which I love because it's a wedding scene. I actually received this as a wedding favor at a December wedding in '07.

This is probably my new favorite ornament. I ordered it from Personalization Mall. It's a picture from the wedding with our last name and Est. 5/22/10.

And you can't have Christmas without a mistletoe...over the bedroom doorway. Natch.

Have you all decorated yet? What's your favorite Christmas decoration?


bananas. said...

how bittersweet that it's the last christmas in your condo...but just think, next year you will have more space (in a house right?) to decorate. yay!

looks great and i adore your tree. i plan to decorate this weekend. double yay!

EmilyB said...

Mistletoe over the bedroom door?? Loooove!! Ok, now I have to go do that. Awesome inspiration!

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

We started decorating over the weekend too. I got most of the inside done...mine the tree and we got lights on the house! It's certainly a lot more time consuming to decorate an entire house than it was our 800 sq ft condo!

Bicoastal Bride said...

Wow! All of your decorations look beautiful, especially your tree! We got a small tree last weekend and put up a few other decorations, too. I love the holidays, and decorating always puts me a great mood.

Marian said...

Aw, it all looks so perfect. And fireplaces always bring out the festive season. I'm also a HUGE fan of the mistletoe:)

Jenn said...

I'm loving your decorations especially your centerpiece!

Teenage Bride said...

Very Nice! I'm with you, my favorite part of our house is our fire place

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

So, so pretty! I too decorated this past Sunday and am loving sitting by the glow of my tree! Enjoy it!

Liesl :)

Nicole-Lynn said...

Your house looks so cozy! Love all the decor!