Friday, December 3, 2010

Today is a good day

The past two days I haven't felt well and the worst part was that my not feeling well caused us to miss out on two events we had planned this week. On Wednesday night we had Kristian's work Christmas party. It was at a really nice restaurant that we've never been to before and we were both excited. However, on the way over I started to feel really sick and after about 15 minutes there we had to leave. I was so upset and promised to to take Kristian out for a steak dinner to make it up to him! I still felt bad yesterday and worked from home but we ended up missing a concert up in Baltimore that my sister in law had given us tickets too.

But today is a new day and a good day at that. Not only do I feel much better but when I got to work I was handed a Christmas bonus check which I'm very grateful for, not only because we really need the money but because I know how rare it is to get any kind of raise or bonus in this economy. Now I can put a dent in our credit card bill and finish buying some Christmas presents.

In other good news Kristian had a second interview today with a new company that went really really well! The guy told him that he still has one more guy to interview this afternoon but that he wants Kristian and will let him know for sure on Monday. Not only is this a job that Kristian actually wants and would do well at but it pays an actual salary and a good one at that (NO MORE COMMISSION ONLY!!!), offers health benefits and he could possibly get a company car in the near future, which would be amazing since his car is on it's last legs. So we are keeping our fingers crossed that this job actually works out and we won't have to struggle so much financially.

Oh and did I mention it's Friday! Halle-freakin-lujah!


Teenage Bride said...

I am so happy to hear that you are feeling better.

I will keep my fingers crossed for that job!

bananas. said...

that sucks you missed the party! but i'm glad you're feeling better. here's hoping kristian gets the job. commission only is no way to least not in this economy.

have a good weekend and congrats on the bonus! (i got one too...small but it was something)

Bicoastal Bride said...

It sounds really promising, so I hope he gets the job! That's great news! Glad you're feeling better, too. A couple of my colleagues are really sick this week, so something is definitely going around.

Spanky said...

Fingers crossed that he gets that job!

Annie said...

how exciting about the bonus!!!
i'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed all works out for your hubby.
and so glad your mom's cat was found!!

have a great weekend pretty girl! :)

Marian said...

Best. News. Ever!! That is awesome...and just at the right time:) Congrats pretty lady