Monday, December 20, 2010

Game On

Every year Kristian's fathers side of the family has a big get together between Christmas and New Year's to celebrate the holidays and to celebrate my father-in-law and his twin brothers birthdays which all fall in January. Since my father-in-law's family is quite large we always do a gift exchange where you buy a present for your assigned family member. We get together, eat, open presents and then comes the main event...the Acey Deucey tournament!!

For those that don't know Acey Deucey is a version of backgammon. Kristian's grandfather learned it while in the Navy and then taught it to his children who taught it to their children. Several years back all the men in the family including Kristian's uncles and male cousins decided to have a tournament every Christmas with the winner taking home bragging rights for the year. Apparently Kristian won 3 years in a row (though that was before I came into the picture) but he still likes to remind everyone of it. It gets quite competitive, especially amongst my father-in-law and his brothers.

Not long after we started dating Kristian taught me to play the infamous game. I have to admit it can be quite addictive. However, I didn't finally beat him until after we got engaged (I was afraid he might call off the wedding the night I beat him). I've won several times since then.

Last Christmas I became the first female ever allowed in the tournament (I don't think any of the other girls know how to or have a desire to play). Even though I was not yet "legally" part of the family they let me join (I think it was more because they were one person short). Of course I got paired against Kristian the first round and he quite easily beat me. To be honest I was happy he won, I would not have wanted to deal with him had I knocked him out of the first round.

This year I plan to participate again and I'm dying to beat one of the boys and make it past at least the first round. Kristian said he would love for me to beat one of his cousins. The other night we took the board out to get a practice game in since we haven't played in a while and I'm definitely rusty. Kristian won. I told him I want to practice more this week so that I'm ready for the tournament on Sunday. Since I'm representing all the women in the family I need to make a good showing. Wish me luck!

Does your family have any games or tournaments they play every holiday?


Marian said...

Oh..this sounds like so much fun...and something I would totally want to be in to as well!! Good luck...beat some boys:)

Teenage Bride said...

oooh this sounds duper fun! Good luck I am rooting for you.

My family always has fun getting together but I think our attention spans are too short to incorporate entire games musch less a tournament haha

bananas. said...

ooh lady i hope you win it it all! because really, how cool would that be?? lol.