Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Odds and Ends

Lots of random tidbits to share so I'm gonna bulletpoint this shiz.

*Kristian started his new job yesterday. He loved it! He was in the best mood last night and we decided to celebrate by going out to dinner at Outback since I had received a gift card from one of my vendors for Christmas. He housed a 22oz steak. Vom. Wish I had taken a before and after shot. Amazing.

*I have 2 3/4 days left of work this week (assuming they let us leave early on Thursday) followed by a glorious 4 day weekend. I CANNOT wait!

*We still don't have any New Year's Eve plans and I'm totally okay with that.

*On Saturday while taking a shower Kristian decided to be "funny" and pour an ice cold glass of water over the shower curtain and right onto me, of course while I wasn't standing directly under the hot water. I think he sometimes forgets that I'm his wife and NOT his little sister or fraternity brother. I've been brainstorming ways to retaliate. Any suggestions are welcome.

*On Sunday I had a massive headache that refused to go away and just felt crappy. I ended up falling asleep in the massage chair during the Redskins game. Look who decided to take a nap with me. Photo courtesy of Kristian.

*Halpert's a good boy*

*My Christmas shopping is officially done. Now I just need to wrap everything. Praise the Dollar Store, I was able to buy all my gift wrapping material there (paper, boxes, bows etc) for only $27!

*We've gotten so much holiday chocolate and sweets at work from clients and vendors that when we received a box of oranges from a vendor I was thrilled! Believe it or not you really can have TOO much chocolate. 

*Listening to Christmas music on Pandora makes me happy.  


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

love this photo of you and halpert!

also, i do the same thing with ice water to adam! hahaha.

Teenage Bride said...

I hear you, I am nearly in a chocolate coma.

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Haha. My husband does the cold water trick to me all the time. Sometimes I think men will always be boys.

Annie said...

no way, too much chocolate?! i don't beleive it!
we received some pears the other day, i stuck with the chocolate though ;)
i can't believe your hubby did that! can't wait to hear about your revenge against him!
enjoy the rest of your week hun! hopefully it goes quick!

bananas. said...

ugh that reminds me...i need to wrap gifts. weird because i usually love wrapping. notsomuch this year. bah.

Chocolate Lover said...

We only just made plans for NY Eve! Decided to have the families over to our place instead of searching for things to do!

bekapaige said...

Ooooh I am totally going to pull the cold water trick on my husband today!

I am so excited to hear that Kristian likes his new job and that all went well on his first day! What great news.

I am jealous of your Christmas shopping being done... I think I'm going to finish up today so I can focus on baking the rest of the week...

Krysten @ After 'I Do' said...

My hubs is the exact same way, always playing pranks. It's so unfair.

Krystal said...

LOL I thought you said your husband was ridiculously nice?! ;) I've never heard of the cold water trick!! So awful, lol

april said...

That's a great pic. I love the lighting. I can't believe what a big boy Halpert is. I remember when he was just a little tyke. :)

Sounds like you're ready for the holidays! It's a giant sweet central here, and I've got a stomachache almost everyday, but I can't stop eating.

bekapaige said...

So I dumped the cold water on S this morning.

Hours later and I'm STILL cackling about it!

Please thank Kristian for the idea. (I'm not sure S sends his thanks...)

Robbie said...

Ok here is my revenge idea. You wait until he is in the shower, and you sneak in and take his towel. But, you don't stop there... you take all the towels and hide them in the house somewhere. I did this once to my brother and it was perfect= he thought he was alone in the house, and when he got out of the shower and saw the bathroom door open, he freaked out. He then saw his towels gone- went to get one and I was hiding in the next room with a camera with no film and a working flash- surprised the crap out of him when I "took" a picture... You could also somehow make it freezing cold when he gets out of the shower, sans towel.