Friday, December 3, 2010

Today is a Good Day Continued

In addition to my bonus check and Kristian's potential new job we just found out that my mom's cat that has been missing for a few months was found today!!!! We can't believe it!

My mom's cat Callie got out a few months ago and went hiding in the sewers, they tried everything to get her to come out but she wouldn't. Finally my mom decided that once everyone left she wouldn't be scared and would come out on her own. Well that night there was a huge thunderstorm and the next morning when my mom went to the sewer and called Callie's name she got no response. She kept checking for days both around the sewer and the neighborhood and no sign of Callie. She contacted vet offices and animal shelters and nothing. My mom finally just assumed she must have drowned during the heavy rainstorm. We were all very upset.

Well today my mom gets a call from a vet's office saying a lady found Callie and brought her in. Thankfully my mom had Callie micro-chipped so they were able to scan her and find out who her owner was. She had lost her tags in her adventures and if it weren't for the micro chip my mom probably never would have found her! Callie was taken to my mom's vet who checked her out and despite losing some weight seems to be in good health.

We are so incredibly happy and relieved! Today just keeps getting better and better. I think we may have to buy some lotto tickets tonight!


Kristen said...

Yay! How cool that she was found after so long!

Jenni said...

yay! Today has been sooo much fun!!

Amber said...

It's my first time stopping by your blog - love what you have going on!

Yay for a great day and so many reasons to be thankful! Here's hoping the blessings continue for you this week! :)