Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's getting cold in here

*Lotso pictures in this post*

This past weekend was a fantastic girls weekend with my mom, two of the ladies that acted as my Day of Coordinators and their daughters. We spent Saturday down in the National Harbor checking out ICE 2010.

My mom booked us a 3 bedroom condo at the Wyndham Resort which was right across the street from the Ice exhibit for the weekend. We headed over to the erected white bubble building fully decked out in multiple layers of clothes, hats, gloves etc.

After checking in everyone is given a large blue parka to wear into the 9 degree Ice exhibit. You are able to go through at your own pace with plenty of time to stop and take pictures. I was actually not terribly cold with the exception of my hands which were freezing due to my pathetic excuse for gloves. Though I was much better off than those fools that didn't have gloves or the dumbasses that were wearing flip flops and stiletto heels. Obviously not everyone did their research on what to expect before arriving.

Below are the numerous pictures I took. The ice sculptures were really amazing and detailed.

Me and my mama decked out in our fashionable parkas

I call this look my Ice Couture.

My mom and two of her BFF's and my fabulous DOC's from the wedding.

There were two ice slides that everyone was allowed to slide down. The only downside was the 15 minute wait in line in freezing temperatures.

The Ice nativity scene

Once you leave the Ice portion you come out into a gift shop that was blissfully selling hot chocolate. I would have paid any amount of money at that point for a hot beverage to warm up my frozen fingers.

Outside of the gift shop were more features including the Christmas tree made solely out of Peeps. Amazing.

There was also a small ice skating rink inside.

And of course there were the requisite Christmas Carolers.

We all had a great time checking out the Ice exhibit. It was definitely a cool holiday event that I would highly recommend, especially for those with kids.


Bicoastal Bride said...

Awesome! I so want to check this out!

KLaw said...

That looks so awesome!!!!

bananas. said...

whoa whoa WHOA! that place looks AWESOME!!! wish there was one of those around here.

funny...it reminds me of the ice bar in vegas.

diggin' the blue parka on you! ADORABLE!

Kristen said...

That looks so fun! Wish they had one here in MN, they could even have it outside since our temps are always that cold!

Jenni said...

That place is AMAZING!!! Oh my goodness I wish we did one here!! WOW!!!! Now I want to go do something festive and holiday filled!!!

Marian said...

Seriously, some of those carvings don't even look like ice! I want to go so bad:)

Annie said...

how neat!! that place looks like so much fun! :)

p.s. so happy to hear your hubby got the job!!

Lexilooo said...

These photos are great! I think that my boyfriend and I plan to go this weekend!

Lexilooo said...

These photos are great! I think that my boyfriend and I plan to go this weekend!

Teenage Bride said...

oooh we did this last year with my company!!! Isn't it soooo much fun!