Monday, November 1, 2010

Nov 1

Who else can't believe that's it already November! Good Lord where has this year gone?! Today is a special day. Today is the my friends Ashley (aka Spanky) and Morgan's two year wedding anniversary!

Spanky and Morgan's wedding holds a special place in my heart not just because I got to watch two great friends get hitched or because I had a kickass time celebrating with some of my favorite people but also because it was the first and so far only wedding Kristian and I have attended together (besides our own of course). It was also the first time we went out of town together for a weekend and the first time he got to meet most of my friends.

I'm not gonna lie, I was a nervous wreck that weekend. What if we didn't travel well together? What if we got on each other's nerves? What if my friends hated him or vice versa?! Thankfully we had a fantastic time and he seemed to really hit it off with everyone and since my friends can be a little overwhelming and nutty when you first meet them I was very proud of him.

And even though we had only been dating for a few months at the time I remember him telling all my friends he was going to marry me. I'm sure they thought he was nuts. But hey, turns out he was right!

 *the happy couple*

 *we clean up well*

 *yeah he loves me*

*one of the professional pictures from the wedding, please excuse the text going across my face*

So today I'm fondly remembering a fantastic weekend I had with my now husband and best friends while also wishing Spanky and Morgan a very Happy Anniversary!


Bicoastal Bride said...

Happy anniversary to them! I love thinking back on the small trips and other things Stephen and I did together after we had recently started dating. It was such an exciting time, and I love those memories.

~KS said...

Happy anniversary to your sweet friends. And if I didn't think (and know) you were so flippin' awesome... I'd kinda have to hate you. Because every pic of you always looks amazing.... you and the hubs make one good looking couple!!

bananas. said...

so cute! happy anni to your adorable friends. and YOU too! i'm sure you will have lots of anniversaries to celebrate yourself.

have a good week hun!

Teenage Bride said...

awww that's really sweet!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Happy Anniversary to Morgan and Ashley! They are too cute in those pics!