Monday, November 15, 2010

'Tis the Season...for Holiday Cards!

I've posted before about my love for Shutterfly. I used Shutterfly for creating my wedding photo album (as well as a smaller album for my mom), I made a calendar last year for Kristian for Christmas and I already have a few other gifts up my sleeve this year courtesy of Shutterfly. So it should come as no surprise that Shutterfly is the place I'm going to for my Christmas cards this year. This is the first time we're sending out holiday cards as a married couple and I can't wait.

We will definitely be going with one of the many photo card options so that we can include a picture or two from the wedding and maybe even a few of our fur-children. Below are just a few of my favorites but I will keep the final design a surprise for my friends that read this blog.

Scalloped Scarlet Ribbon

Faith Hope Love

There are also a ton of Photo Gifts to choose from just in time for the holidays. Or if you're feeling more ambitious you can make a 2011 calendar. My mother-in-law makes a new calendar every year using Shutterfly.

One of the best parts of Shuttefly is that they are always offering deals and discounts. In fact they are offering an amazing deal right now to bloggers (I'm sure many of you have seen or participated in this already).  Shutterfly is offering bloggers a deal of 50 free holiday cards for writing their own post similar to this one. And at this time of year you can't really turn down a free offer now can you?? To sign up for 50 free holiday cards go HERE and they will send you instructions.

Are you sending holiday cards this year? If so, do you keep it generic with Happy Holidays or go straight for the Merry Christmas?


Jen said...

My boyfriend never wants to pose for a Christmas card picture, but I think this deal might be too good to pass up! I think I could snag a cute pic of us from our recent cruise to take advantage of the deal. I really like the Faith Hope Love card.

So, yeah, I send Christmas cards, and I usually use Merry Christmas with the exception of my two Jewish friends who get Happy Chanukah.

april said...

I have done photo cards in the past. This year, I bought a ton of cards on clearance last year so I'm just slipping in a wallet of the kid. I've never sent a photo that included us in it. :) I usually buy 3-4 types of cards. 1 regular Merry Christmas, one generic winter card for my Jewish friends, one super religious card, and sometimes one fun one. This year, it's just whatever was on clearance last year because I'm cheap.

Teenage Bride said...

I am having such a hard time chooisng our cards this year there are so many great choices!

Annie said...

this is such a fab deal! only problem is i have no idea how to pick just one card and i have no idea if i want to use wedding pictures or take a new posed pic. ugh, so many decisions to make.

PattyAnn said...

i need to get on this. le sigh. good deal though, now i just need a new family pic.