Tuesday, September 28, 2010

I Love Fall

Over the past few weeks blogland has been inundated with posts on what everyone loves about the fall...to sum up, everyone loves the leaves on the tree, pumpkin spice lattes, college football, boots/sweaters/scarves etc etc. Don't get me wrong I dig that stuff too but here's what I love about the fall...all my favorite t.v. shows are BACK!

Yep it's like having a bunch of your closest friends return from a summer abroad. And no I don't feel like a loser for referring to my shows as my closest friends. I'm a t.v. addict through and through. Does it drive Kristian crazy at times, sure, but he always realizes it keeps me quiet and occupied and out of his hair. Win Win.

The beginning of the fall t.v. season can be quite overwhelming with both returning favorites and new shows competing against each other. And of course there is always the hesitation to invest too soon into a new show which could quite likely be cancelled 5 episodes in. So like with any relationship you must proceed with caution and not put too much of your heart into it until you're sure it will stick around.

All I know is that if it weren't for DVR I would probably have a mild panic attack every night trying to determine what to watch. Even with the DVR and 3 t.v.'s in our condo it's tricky at times (like Monday's and Thursday's which are jammed packed).

Oh and in case anyone is wondering, yes I still talk to and hang out with my husband despite my packed t.v. schedule...that's what commercials are for :)

So in case anyone cares here's what I'm watching so far (list could change due to cancellations):

9pm- Desperate Housewives
10pm- Mad Men
9pm- Bridezillas (yes I still watch this...don't judge!)
10pm- Brothers & Sisters

8pm- 90210
9pm- Gossip Girl
10pm- Hawaii 5-0 (it has Tweeter from Varsity Blues in it!!!)
8pm- Chuck
9pm- The Event (still not sure how I feel about this show yet)
11pm- Real Housewives of whatever city they are showing, I always DVR the second showing so that I can DVR other stuff when it airs the first time. It's called DVR time management.

8pm- GLEEEEEEE!!! (Um I CANNOT wait for tonight's Britney episode!)
9pm- Raising Hope (new show, kinda cute, not sure if I like it or not)
10pm- Teen Mom (yes I like this show, shut up)
8pm- One Tree Hill (not a big fan of this show anymore, hence the DVR, I may watch it, I may not)

8pm- Undercovers (new show, not sure I really like it yet or not)
9pm- Modern Family (GREAT show)
10pm- Top Chef

Thursday- ALL Star TV night
8pm- My Generation (cute new show, not sure it will last though)
9pm- The Office (my favorite show of them all)
Here's where it gets tricky-
9pm- Grey's Anatomy (I start watching this as soon as The Office is over)
10pm- Private Practice (will watch this once I finish watching Grey's Anatomy)
11pm- Real Housewives of DC
**I will DVR the Saturday showing of Project Runway since I can't fit it in my DVR schedule on Thursday
**Another new show on Thursdays I like but have to watch online is Nikita...has a very Alias vibe to it and Alias is one of my all time favorite shows.

9pm- Say Yes to the Dress
10pm- Four Weddings (I still love wedding shows what can I say???)

Catch up on DVR shows from the week and relinquish the t.v. to Kristian for football.

Well there you have it. What shows do you watch?? Anything I should be working into my schedule???


ajs {of MN} said...

BRITglee.... yes please!!!!

Collins said...

i love that you love tv!

Melissa said...

Girl, that's probably my favorite thing about Fall too! My DVR is back in full swing!!

Kristen said...

Ha Ha! That is quite a list. My favorite was your DVR managment of Houswewives of wherever!

You have all my favorites on there!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

wait! glee is tonight? SOOO EXCITED!

ps - you're purdy.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I'm a huge Glee fan, too! Can't wait for tonight's episode! :)

Teenage Bride said...

No worries I still watch all of those wedding shows too!!!

april said...

I am so never posting everything I watch. It's too embarrassing.

I will say that Rob watches Hawaii 5-0 for Grace Park, but he is super tickled that Tweeter is in it. Seriously. He loves that stupid movie. He must say Tweeter drinks beers because Tweeter drinks beers like weekly.

bananas. said...

whoa whoa WHOA that's quite the schedule! how do you find time to blog or work or live?!

haha jk. though sometimes i feel like glee comes first. that and mad men. LOVE.

oh and ps. i would SO meet you in person. there are a handful of folks i feel connected to right away and you're one of them.

Nicole-Lynn said...

lol oh my goodness girl, you weren't kidding! I have about 5 shows I watch, and couple cooking shows, and HGTV shows I DVR just and watch on occassion.

P.s. I feel the same about OTH, but honestly this season is crazy.. you should be watching! haha

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Glad to know I'm not the only one who's DVR is stocked! I caught up on all my shows over the weekend...including my wedding shows. Love me some Say Yes to the Dress!

Venassa said...

Your tv schedule is hectic!
The only show we have in common is Desperate Housewives.
Besides that I love Big Bang Theory (but I'm still not sure what night that is on now, it used to be Mondays), and How I Met Your Mother.

I'm too far into the habit of buying tv shows that I don't bother watching them on tv anymore. Expensive habit.

I applaud your DVR time management though. I would get confused.

april said...

Oh, speaking of Say Yes to the Dress, my mom hung up on me because it was coming on this afternoon and it was an episode she'd never seen before. Totally insulted.

EmilyB said...

Giiirrrlll you are a TV QUEEN! I watch a ton of Bravo and very few network shows. Of course, Glee is *the* show that I never miss. LOST was another one, but sadly, it no longer exists (only in my heart. Can you tell I'm sad?)

As for the event company, it's A. Dominick Events. Is that the same one?

EmilyB said...

Thank you! I'm definitely going to check them out!

Salt said...

There is no shame in liking Teen Mom. I always get roped in to watching that show!

Jen said...

We started watching "The Event" and "Undercovers" too. I actually like both. The hubs in "Undercovers" is HOTT (yes, caps and 2 T's), and "The Event" seems like it's the next generation "Lost" mixed with "24" -- both of our fav shows that are done.

I watch "Four Weddings" too. Guilty pleasure of mine. :)

Kristin said...

No shame in Teen Mom...The hubs and I both watch it. HA!

Mrs T said...

OMG I TV love you!