Thursday, September 2, 2010

Guess what today is!!


Yep that's right folks, it's 90210 day! So let's all take a moment to pay our respects to one of the best shows of the 90's Beverly Hills 90210!!

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(I definitely don't miss 90's fashion...heinous)

This was by far one of my favorite shows growing up. I couldn't get enough of the gang from West Beverly High. I have to say that Brenda was probably my favorite but that could be because the actress and I share the same first name (though why she spells it with an 'e' I'll never know). I'm still rooting for a Dylan/Brenda reunion. I always preferred Kelly with Brandon.

I wasn't as big of a fan of the college years and once they graduated from college I didn't watch as then I had moved on to Dawson's Creek which we all watched every Wednesday night in the sorority house.

Whenever I'm bored on the weekends I have no problem turning on one of the 90210 reruns that are shown constantly on Soapnet. The episodes just never get old for me.

As for the new remake of 90210, I'm really not a fan. I'll watch the show but in my opinion it just can't compete with the original.

We're any of you fans of 90210 or am I the only loser out there??


Kristen said...

I loved that show! How funny that is today's date!

april said...

I actually wasn't a fan, but I was tickled by the fact they were the same age as I was. I watched the summer season in the beginning and then it was a big college thing Freshman year so I watched. I was more of a Melrose fan (the original after the first season). I didn't like either remakes.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I used to watch all the time with my mom! I didn't even realize that about the date until now. LOL!

Cheryl Ann said...

i love that today is 90210 day!! i didn't watch it when it was in it's prime - i think i was in my Saved by the Bell phase - but it's on for a few hours each weekend on SoapNet now. i loooove it!

Marian said...

I was obsessed with 90210. However, I was more of a Brenda/Dylan fan.

And I am so addicted to SoapNet. Seriously, its makes my weekends sometimes.

Jen said...

Here's my own pathetic confession: I was not allowed to watch "90210" when it was airing the first time around! My parents thought I was too young for it!

I was a HUGE "Dawson's Creek" fan though! HUGE. Ok, I occasionally had to mute the TV when I knew a "bad" part was coming up so my dad wouldn't hear it and come in and shut it off.

bananas. said...

was i fan? HA!!! of course lady...who wasn't?! i literally dreamed of working at the peach pit and dylan...sigh. his massive forhead couldn't even stop me from crushing hardcore.

Collins said...

i agree that the new one can't touch the original. but i can't like, i watch it. i watch all CW shows. and i am 32!

Gaynor said...

I used to love that show too; and I have to admit to watching the new one too!

(p.s we had 90210 back in Feb as in the UK we say the day first then the month, unlike you guys in the US)