Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Wed-cap: The Toasts

Today is a VERY special day as one of my closest friends is welcoming her son into the world this morning! Kristen has waited a long time for this day and she's going to be an exceptional mother. I love you Kristen and I can't wait to meet baby S!

Now onto the recap for the day. Our toasts. After dinner and a little bit of dancing we stopped the music and did the Best Men and Matron of Honor toasts. Kristian appointed his two closest childhood friends as his co-best men so both Kevin and Bryan gave a little speech along with my MOH Krista.

Krista was up first. She did a great job. Krista has known me for more than a decade and definitely has some good dirt on me but thankfully she didn't bring up any embarrassing stories which I know she has a plethora to choose from! Krista, much like myself, is not a big fan of public speaking so her speech was short and sweet, which was perfect since most guests hate to listen to speeches that drag on and on.

I wish I could remember exactly what she said but of course it's all a blur now. I do remember her talking about how good husbands will come home and make you a peanut butter and jelly sandwich when you are hungry, which was actually quite fitting for me and made me laugh.

Next up were the boys. Now this could have turned our family friendly event into something inappropriate but thankfully both boys kept their speeches G rated and didn't reveal anything that would warrant an annulment or being disowned from his family. The main part I remember was when Bryan talked about how he knew that Kristian was totally whipped for me after we met by the way he would gush about me on the phone...okay I may be paraphrasing but that's the gist of it.

*Best Man-Kevin*

*Best Man- Bryan*

*Krista was around 5 months pregnant at the time so she toasted in spirit, she also changed into flip flops after the ceremony and pictures. Heels and pregnancy don't always mix so well.*

We didn't have any of the family members give toasts. Kristian's dad gave a very nice speech at the Rehersal dinner the night before. We didn't want to break up the momentum of the evening with a lot of long, drawn out speeches but it was nice having 3 of our closest friends say a few words to help us celebrate.

Who did/will give a toast at your wedding?


Nicole-Lynn said...

That's wonderful.. great pics! We both have 2 MOH and 2 Best men so we'll have 4 speeches! But I know they'll all do a great job :)

Anonymous said...

Aw, I love the pb&j bit! We have 2 Best Men ("co" best men if you will, lol) and a MOH, so ours will be much like yours! I too don't think I'll have any family members toast, since, as a guest, I HATE sitting through all those. I'd rather my family be able to make a more intimate toast at the rehersal.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I already shared about our toasts and how embarassing the best man's was and how much I loved my sister's. I think you said you'll get video of this which is always so great! :) We also didn't have any other family give toasts or anything but I did say a little something thanking everyone and sharing why we had included them in our wedding celebration.

Mrs T said...

Loving all the photos.

Our Dad's did speeches as well as the best man and one of my bridesmaids.

When do you get to see the baby? Newborns are so sweet

bananas. said...

well considering the fact that i gave my cousin the best wedding toast ever, i'm pretty sure she owns me one. that is if i ever get married.

Ms. Emily Ann said...

What fun pictures, you were a gorgeous brides! Short and sweet toasts are the best :)