Thursday, July 8, 2010

Wed-cap: Reception details

I need to start this post with a quick shout out and thank you to one of my favorite ladies Kristen for hosting an awesome giveaway that I was the big winner of today! If you haven't checked out one of her 3 blogs (are you living under a rock??) run over and say hello to the awesome momma to be.

Before I get into more of the reception recaps I wanted to show some of the photos of the reception details since a lot of time and energy was spent on creating the look and all the small touches that were included. I can't thank our 3 Day of Coordinators and the catering staff enough for the all the hard work they put into setting up the room. When the ceremony had to be moved inside at the last minute due to rain it didn't leave much time to get the room changed over during cocktail hour but they did it and it turned out better than I expected!

*The round tables were placed around the room leaving the dance floor in the center of the room. The DJ was was setup to the left of the stage.*

*Angle from the other side. The lights were dimmed during the reception which left the candles to give off a nice soft glow. I wasn't a big fan of the chairs that came with the venue but we couldn't afford to rent chairs so my DOC's dressed up the chairs a bit with black bows on the backs of each to try to make them a bit prettier*

*We went with one long head table with seating on both sides for the wedding party and their date/spouse. I really wanted to be able to sit with all of our closest friends since we don't get to see a lot of them very often. I also didn't want everyone seated along one side which would have made it difficult to talk to each other. I liked the fact that our table had a different setup than the rest of the guest tables with just the candles and rose petals*

*We went with black tablecloths on all the dinner tables which I loved, I think it really helped to make the flowers and candles pop more than a white tablecloth would have. My MIL and her sister did all the centerpieces. They ordered the flowers (roses, peonies and hydrangeas) from a florist and spent Friday morning putting them together. I think they turned out amazing!*

*You can see our framed table name. Each table was named after one of the songs on our CD favors. I bought the frames from the dollar store and used damask wrapping paper as a backer to the white sheet with listed the song name and some of the lyrics.*

*The CD favors were placed at each seat. We did this so that people wouldn't miss taking one on the way out and to help dress up the tables a bit. We did end up with a lot of leftovers since I think a lot of people ended up just taking one home per couple rather than per person. It worked out though because since the wedding we've gotten requests from people for extra CD's*

*Close up of the CD favor. We've gotten a lot of compliments on these*

*We had a table off to the side in the entry room which was setup with pictures of me and Kristian growing up. I was a little disappointed that they didn't put out more of the photos I had given them but I guess they ran out of room*

*I found these letters at Michael's for $1 each and just thought they would make a cute addition to one of the tables. Not sure why the E looks dirty*

*The escort card table. We used cards from a kit we bought at Michael's and the candle holders in the back were from the Dollar Store!*

*The escort card table from behind*

*The gift table. They placed the Thank You sign we used in our picture on this table.

*The table with the card box and the guest book. The big picture of us in the center was made by my MIL for the Rehearsal dinner the night before*

*The outside of the venue*


KLaw said...

Looks beautiful!!!!! I am so glad you're doing all these posts so that I feel like I was kinda there :)

Bicoastal Bride said...

Everything looks so classy and elegant! I love the card-box table elements, including the letters. We used “I Do” letters on our cake table, and they were a great touch.

LauraLou said...

I used a bunch of those candle holders from Dollar Tree too! Such a good deal!

Everything looks gorgeous!

Tatum-LeTard said...

Oh my goodness... I am loving this post!!! For a current bride, this is all great inspiration! Congrats on your recent marriage! I can't wait to jump on the same boat! Have a wonderful weekend!

amber said...

Really pretty. I saved a couple of these photos for inspiration. I love the escort cards table!

Kristen said...


bananas. said...

the details look great!

whenever weddings have to go to plan B, i'm always so impressed at how quick it happens. wedding coordinators are good man!

JEM - Aqua Bride said...

Those are awesome pictures. I'm scared these days to look at wedding pictures because I always see something I love and would want to do and yours is no exception. With less than a month to go, I can't afford to add anything to my DIY list.

BTW, thanks for visiting and following my blog.

Anonymous said...

Everything looked beautiful!

ngonichik said...

i love it, it all looks soo good xx

~KS said...

Congrats on your big win over at KLaws... and this is beautiful!! Wow!! Gorgeous!
And I adore your wedding pic with the pink umbrella... so fabulous!

bekapaige said...

Gorgeous- Love the escort cards!

Jen said...

Hey Shannon! I haven't been around to comment much, but I've been reading all of your wedding re-cap posts, and everything looked so beautiful (even your veil!). It came together perfectly, and I'm so happy for you and K. Congrats!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

These are so fabulous! I only have one picture of my room all set up because my photographer sucked at the detail shots. So I especially value and appreciate looking at yours...they are amazing! Your room looked so beautiful and these shots are so great to accentuate all the details.

Love it all!

Chocolate Lover said...

So beautiful! Love all the details and colors!

Gaynor said...

Looks beautiful; love the letters!

Wenni Donna said...

Thanks for sharing this blog here and decorations are looking beautiful. The escort card table is looking stunning. Hey I am planning wedding at New York venues and so I needed ideas to make it special for bride and groom. Got great ideas here.