Friday, July 16, 2010

Full House

This weekend we are dog sitting for my inlaws who are currently on their way up to Connecticut for Kristian's cousins wedding...we were invited but didn't have the funds to make the trip. So now we have two cats, a turtle and two dogs in our two bedroom condo.

We love the dogs, Jack and Lily, they are really well behaved and totally adorable...especially Lily who is just the sweetest thing in the world. We were excited to have them stay at our place primarily so we could see Halpert's reaction since he's never been around dogs before. Wendal knows these dogs because he's stayed at our inlaws house before. He's not a big fan of them but will basically ignore them and just go into another room.

I wasn't home last night when Kristian came home with the dogs. I had to go to a work event in DC where I got to meet Phil Donahue! I know he's not a huge celebrity but it was still pretty cool getting to meet someone whose been on t.v. for 40 some years. As I was saying I was not home when Halpert had his first meeting with the dogs but Kristian said it did not go well. Halpert hissed, puffed up his fur and basically jumped on every piece of furniture to get out of their way.

Right now he's keeping his distance, he's learned that the dogs won't jump on the beds so he and Wendal pretty much just hang out next to each other on the guest room bed where they can watch each other's backs. It's pretty cute. Hopefully between now and Sunday he'll warm up to the dogs and start to play with them...or at the very least not hiss at them and run away.

Jack and Lily slept with us last night. Jack at my feet and Lily in between us at the head of the bed. Now Kristian is begging me to get a dog. Sigh.

*Jack is the one at the top of the picture and Lily is the pretty princess at the bottom of the picture*

*Jack is fascinated with Wedette and the fish*

*Halpert's reaction to the dogs...I've never seen him look so scary!*


KLaw said...

That picture of Halpert is hilarious! Enjoy the chaos this weekend :)

Kelly and Sara said...

I love the dogs! haha the cat though... kinda scary

Mrs EyeCanSee said...

Full house indeed! Love the cat picture! I'm not normally a cat lover, but between the gagging egg video and the daggers of death look, I may have a soft spot for Halpert!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

oh hal! get over it. there are there to stay for a few days! lol.

i love the dogs mini legs.

Annie said...

it's a zoo!!
i love halperts evil eyes! too funny! :)
have a fun weekend girly!!