Monday, July 12, 2010

Wed-cap: 1st Dance

Right after the bridal party introductions into the reception we immediately went into our first dance. Now here is where one of my wedding day disappointments occurred. As I mentioned in a previous blog post we decided to do our first dance to an acoustic version of Jason Mraz's "I'm Yours". It's a very specific version of the song but can easily be found on ITunes if you search for it under "Casanova Sessions". When we met with our DJ in person I explained this was the song and version we wanted to use NOT the radio version. When I sent him my very detailed playlist and timeline I once again pointed out which version of the song I wanted. I told him if he didn't have the song or couldn't find it to let me know and I could provide it on a CD. Hell there were 100 CD favors in the room with that song/version on it! He told me he had it covered.

Here is the version we wanted:

Cut to our first dance and as soon as the song started I knew it was the radio version. I was so irritated (though didn't let it show on my face). I realize that in the grand scheme of life this is not a tragedy but in the grand scheme of a wedding having the wrong first dance song is a pretty big deal. It was especially irritating since it took Kristian and I a long time to pick the song we wanted and to agree on using that song and that version and then just have it thrown out the window especially after making it very clear to the DJ what we wanted.

Obviously we weren't going to just stop dancing and make a big deal about it, after all very few people besides us knew it was the wrong version. So we went with it, did our dance and enjoyed the moment. Fortunately the correct version is on the CD favors so at least the guests have that and I suspect many of them don't even remember that it's a different version than what was played at the wedding.

Another thing I should mention is that we did not take dance lessons or anything for the wedding. We did dance around our living room a few times in advance but basically we just winged it. I didn't want the added pressure or stress of trying to remember dance steps. I really wanted to just have that moment for he and I to be together in each other's arms.
Now for the pictures:

*I love how he's kissing my head in this picture*

*You have to throw in a least one dip*

*This is one of my favorite shots because you can see the whole wedding party watching us*

*Throwing in a few fancy twirls...who needs dance lessons?!*

*After the dance was over Kristian explained to the room that we chose that song because it was the song playing when he proposed and that the lyrics are what inspired him to go ahead and propose that night, which was not his original plan. He then re-enacted getting down on one knee. He's cute*

Did any of your DJ's play the wrong song for anything?


LauraLou said...

That's so frustrating! You still looked absolutely gorgeous, though!!

april said...

We had the correct songs, but I didn't want any of the stupid dance songs like the chicken dance or electric slide, and the DJ played YMCA. I suppose that at least it did get everyone dancing, but it was still annoying. Our DJ was kind of lame, but it didn't seem like anyone noticed so that was good.

My dad and mom actually ballroom danced for awhile so they're super good. My dad gave me lessons before our father/daughter dance, but he didn't count so I stepped on his feet a few times. Rob and I just winged it. Our first dance photo is one of our favorites because I'm laughing at something and we look all happy.

It looked like you guys danced well and had fun!

Chocolate Lover said...

Thats frustrating! Glad you guys were able to just go with it. From the pics you can't tell at all that you were irritated. You look like a beautiful couple in love!

Bicoastal Bride said...

That is really too bad about the song. So sorry! I would have been mad, too. Your pictures look great, though! Our DJ accidentally invited only the single ladies to the floor for the bouquet toss, when I wanted all of the ladies at the party on the floor. But the single girls had fun, and it wasn’t a big deal in the end.

Salt said...

Oh no!! I'm sorry it wasn't the version you were hoping for. Your photos are beautiful though and I'm so loving your new header!

Stephanie said...

Our DJ didn't play the wrong songs or anything like that, but he did get progressively less dressed as the night wore on. He started out in suit and tie, then the tie came off, then the jacket. By the end of the night, he was in his suit pants and a white undershirt. My husband didn't even recognize him! It was very strange, but, in the scheme of things, so minor that we still laugh at it looking through the pictures.

Despite the mix-up, your pictures are beautiful!

KLaw said...


Llama said...

Urggghh! I would have been so pissed! I mean, c'mon that is your freaking job of the night...get it right! You did a great job of not showing it on your face bc you look simply gorgeous! Re-enacting the proposal is so super cute of your hubby!

Marian said...

Oh wow, I can completely understand why you may be upset with the DJ for this, especially after going over it a few times. But like you said, you can't tell at all from the pictures!! You both look lovely (and handsome). I love those shoots!!

bananas. said...

Of course he played the wrong song. What a dumb ass. I would've been a little peeved but you guys did good. You look like you're really enjoying yourselves and that's all that matters.

Alicia said...

bummer that he played the wrong version, but i bet the moment was still amazing! you look gorgeous, i LOVE the pics!!!

Gaynor said...

Sorry you didnt get the version you wanted of your song but glad you were able to enjoy the moment anyway; the pics are fab.

We had a live band so the song we choose was always going to be a bit different than the original but they were great.

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

I love this post. Especially since I posted about this today and shared how we also opted against the pressure of a choreographed dance. Though I did want to do a few twirls and a dip but it just never panned out that way. Our song was really fast (and I didn't even know what it was), but it was still the song Mr Fix It picked so it was special.

Your photos are so great! And I love him explaining the song choice to your guests :)

It seems that DJ's are well known for screwing up requests and song selections at weddings. I don't know what the hell it is but I hear this story ALL the time! My sister's DJ sucked (though the guests all loved him) because he really screwed up a lot of what he had told him.

Our DJ did a decent job but he screwed up one or two songs during our grand entrance that we had specifically told him about which parts of the song to use...whatever. Like you said, you can't stop and complain in front of everyone...but it is disappointing for brides when they have their vision of how things with music are supposed to pan out on their big day.