Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Saying No to the Dress

I loved my wedding dress...L.O.V.E.D. it...still do. Hell I would wear it to work if I could. It had everything I was looking for- lace, a sweetheart neckline, A-line and a touch of sparkle. To me it was perfect.

It took me a while to find my perfect dress...5 stores and about 35 dresses. I found it in the second to last store I went to. I knew I loved it but since I already had another appointment setup at a shop down the road I figured I would still go check out some dresses just to confirm. But nothing at the last store came close to my love of my dress.

I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of the other 35 or so dresses I had to try on to get to "The One". First let's take a look at the dress I did pick which is by Impressions Bridal, it's style "Aileen".

The photos below were taken over a year ago so I'm going to apologize in advance because I don't remember all the designers/style names of each dress. The first store I went to was David's Bridal. There was one dress in particular I liked but it was out of my price range.

*The very first dress I tried on! Loved the lace but it was VERY heavy and just not flattering*

*I really liked this dress, it fit well and felt nice and I loved the neckline*

*The same dress from the back*

*Liked the lace, hated the top, made me look even flatter*

*This was my attempt at a "princess" ball gown, you can see my reflection in the mirror behind me. I looked ridiculous, it swallowed me up*

*A non-lace, satin, beaded gown. This felt VERY traditional. It was pretty but not me*

*This dress had potential but again I didn't like the bust area and the pleating*

The next set of pictures was from my second outing up in MD at TLC Bridal Boutique.

*The only dress I tried on with straps...did not like the strap look*

*I actually really liked how this dress fit and looked on me but I really wanted lace and this felt rather plain*

*Again, this was more of a fuller, princess style which just didn't look good on my petite frame. I also didn't like how plain the skirt was.*

*This was my fancy, beaded dress. I actually really liked this one but it just didn't fit our venue setting or the outdoor garden wedding we were planning. This was more of a hotel ballroom type of dress*

The next set of pictures are from my third outing at Leesburg Bridal & Tuxedo

*This was pretty but again the skirt was very plain*

*I really loved this dress, my mom actually picked it out. I very seriously considered it but it was out of my price range and then when I found the dress I ended up with I knew it was the one. Funny story- the daughter of my in-laws neighbor who got married last year wore this dress (I saw the pictures).*

*The dress from the front. The big concern I had with it was that the lace under the bust and on the train wouldn't show up well in pictures*

The last two stores I went to including the one I bought my dress at didn't allow picture taking until you actually purchased the dress which was annoying at the time. So unfortunately I don't have pictures of those dresses but I think you get the idea.

After the wedding I showed some of these pictures to Kristian so he could see some of the other options and he completely agreed that I made the best choice.


Jen said...

Oh, all of those dresses are so pretty! Ah, how overwhelming. I'm not sure how you did it. I'm going to be going crazy when my day comes!

The big question: how did you know your dress was THE ONE? You tried on a good amount, but how were you sure?

I'm always curious to hear how brides answer that question.

Bicoastal Bride said...

I think you made the right choice! Your dress is definitely the prettiest out of all of those. I also wore a lace gown, and am so happy I chose it, instead of sticking with the discounted satin gown I initially picked.

Kristen said...

Those are all pretty but you totally made the right choice!

Isn't it funny when you are trying on dresses how you like some, but they just don't fit the venue or the theme!?! I found a few I'd have loved if I was having a summer wedding.

bananas. said...

your tiny gorgeous self looks amazing in any dress but i think you picked the right one :)

Annie said...

i totally think you picked the right one as well!! your dress was perfect on you girly! :)

Gaynor said...

Think you chose the right one; altho some are very pretty too.

I also tried on loads, I think around 45 before I ordered mine, just so I could be sure!

Summer {Bisfor...} said...

You INDEED made the right choice. You were beautiful in every way, my dear!

Born to be Mrs. Beever said...

Your dress was the perfect choice indeed. Though there was one dress there that you said you liked but didn't have any lace on it that I did adore on you as well :) And I totally understand what you meant about the big ball gown one that was all extravagant...I tried one on like that and our wedding party was pushing me to get it but I kept telling them it didn't go with the venue and style I was shooting for. They just didn't get it. :)

d.a.r. said...

You picked the perfect one!! I cannot imagine having so many choices, haha! I think I tried on 4!

Alicia said...

ohhh how fun getting to try on all of those dresses. i never tried on one! but i love love love the dress you wore...its gorgeous!

Mrs T said...

I LOVE your dress. You looked stunning in it.

When we went to try on dresses they were crazy about NO PHOTOS. So cool that you got to snap shots of the ones that got away!